Kindred Spirits, Book Review.

Who would have thought that a 62 page novella about hardcore ‘Star Wars’ fans would be one of the best books/ short stories I have ever read? I for one, did not expect that to happen.

Kindred Spirits – (Rainbow Rowell) is a short novella that follows Elena, an introverted 18 year old girl, obsessed with Star Wars, as she embarks on the biggest journey of her life…. To queue for four days outside her local cinema to see ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ (2015). Now, I won’t give out the entire plot, but here’s the basics;
Elena’s life is Star Wars. Star Wars is Elena’s life. She was far too young to camp out and go see the prequels when they came out. She regretted every day that she hadn’t been apart of the Star Wars celebration back then. So she was determined to be apart of it now. (If you’re not familiar with Star Wars, the prequels came out after the original three films were released. They are the films that are considered the very worst of the series. Some die hard fans won’t even watch them or acknowledge that they were even made). Elena arrives at The Line, only to find a middle aged, stereotypical nerd (I imagined him a bit like Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons) named Toby. And a very young, shy, timid guy her age named Gabe. Toby makes her feel welcome and explains that she is now apart of The Line and that she will most definitely be the third person to enter the theatre to see the latest (and they hope greatest) Star Wars movie. The next four nights Elena begins to befriend both characters and seizes the opportunity to make The Line a celebration of true Star Wars love.

Although I would have loved to have seen what happens to the characters after the novella ends, none the less it was utterly brilliant. Rainbow Rowell is one of my favourite authors and every single book she has ever written has captured my heart and my imagination. This short novella is no different.

Everyone has a geeky side to them, and if it’s not Star Wars, then it’s something else. It summed up perfectly that, just because something has become popular or more people are interested in something you originally loved, it doesn’t mean that the new fans don’t share that same love and enthusiasm you have for it. Gabe and Elena talk often about ‘true fans’, ‘fake nerdy girls/boys’ and the like. Eventually, they have to accept that some people will like certain things when it’s the current tend, but, they will always have their ‘tribe’ aka, the hardcore fans to make them feel at home. I believe everyone at some point in their lives can identify with the frustration of liking a band, a TV show, a film franchise, a book series etc, and suddenly it becoming so popular, and out of nowhere you’ve got sudden experts on the band, etc, that you’ve loved years/months before! The point Rainbow Rowell makes is, that it’s okay to like something for a lifetime, or for a short period of your life. It’s the experience and the friendships that come from those things that are the most important part of it all. That and of course respecting each and every person no matter what!

If you’re not as in love with Star Wars as these characters then have no fear! This novella is a very quirky, unique read and surprisingly enough, it’s not full to the brim with Star Wars. Kindred Spirits is about the fans of Star Wars more than anything else. To get to know three very different, very loveable characters that share a love of a film franchise that took the world by storm. I read this in about an hour or so, so it’s honestly not that time consuming. But it will keep you thinking about it and longing for a similar experience for days to come. I am so pleased that I finally got round to reading this gem. It’s definitely going straight onto my favourites list!

I will give this book….. 5/5 Stars!

If you guys enjoyed my review of Kindred Spirits and find yourself engrossed in this fabulous novella, let me know in the comments below! And if you’ve already read this impressive short story, definitley tell me what you thought about it all in the comment section below, I’d love to hear what you all thought of the novella.

I hope you guys are all have a wonderful day and, that you’re enjoying a good book with some good tea, and a warm blanket! I’ll speak to you all next time!



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