September 2016 Favourites!

Hello you beautiful people out there! September was such a busy month for me. Starting back at university, launches for different ranges at work, countless concerts and so on. However during the craziness, I had a few things that helped me stay calm and enjoy all of the madness. Here are my September favourites!

1) Guys My Age- Hey Violet

I have loved Hey Violet for such a long time now. I feel like a proud big sister seeing them achieve so much and develop their talent and music. Looking back at the days of Cherri Bomb, it’s pretty humbling to see that they are exactly the same people as they were back then. Even with their growing fame along side 5 Seconds of Summer. Despite rumours and other whispers that aspired to break them down, they have achieved more than anyone could have ever imagined.

HV have developed from being a pop punk/ alternative all female band, to a refreshing indie/pop/rock band that have elements of the well known psychedelic 80s sound thanks to Miranda Miller’s banging skills on the keyboard. GMA really is one of my favourite songs of 2016. It’s sexy, it’s new, it’s honest. And if you haven’t already checked Hey Violet out, then I’d 100% recommend that you do so right now. I see big things coming for them in the next few years!

2) Scream Queens, Season 2.

Scream Queens returns with yet another witty season, only this time, the Queens face an entirely new murderous monster! Last season we met the Chanel’s, Dean Munch, Hester and Zayday Williams in a university setting where members of the Chanel’s Kapa Kapa House were slowly being picked off one by one by The Red Devil. This season, we have a luminous green swamp creature on the hunt for blood in an all new hospital run by the one and only, Dean Munch. Many characters have sadly not made a reappearance, however, the Chanel’s are back and on their way to getting a medical degree (should we be scared?). I’m a big fan of Emma Roberts anyway, so there was no question about me watching this show. It’s back, it’s badass, and it leaves you SCREAMING!

Scream Queens is ironic and fresh. It doesn’t take itself seriously and has a real charm about it. Whether it’s the mimicry of stereotypical 80s horror films, or it’s cast of incredibly talented young actors and actresses, I’m sure Scream Queens will have you in stitches… or I guess the doctors will take care of that for you….

3)  Dare, Lush Oxford Street Exclusive Lipstick.
Dare is a beautiful, deep purple lipstick from Lush Oxford Street. I ended up ordering it online from the Lush Kitchen a few weeks ago, and I’ve been obsessed with it ever since. It’s such a lovely, autumn/ winter colour that I’m utterly in love with. I feel like a lot of people recently have been getting into darker shades for their lipstick, and this is definitely one to try if you’re thinking about joining the trend. It’s dark, but not too dark that people around you will be afraid for their souls. Will you Dare try this lipstick??



4) Cold Feet, Series 6.

The cast of Cold Feet

Cold Feet has returned to our screens for it’s 6th series! After a very emotional 5th series, we bid goodbye to a beloved character and moved on gracefully with the rest of the gang. 13 years later, Adam, Pete, Jenny, Karen and David are back for yet another ground breaking series. Cold Feet first hit our screens in 1997 and followed the lives of three couples in Manchester, England. Throughout the previous series’ we saw the couples fight through hardships, pregnancies, adultery, friendship and sadly a tragic ending for Rachel (I AM NOT OVER IT OKAY?!).
This new series has brought the talented Ceallach Spellman to light of the British public, and I honestly couldn’t be more proud. Spellman has been one of my favourite young British actors for at least 6/7 years, and it’s so refreshing seeing him take on roles that will bring attention to him within the industry.

Series 6 has jumped straight in at the deep end and shown a beloved character, Pete suffering greatly with depression. This is something that not only means a great deal to me because I too suffer with depression, but it’s something that is groundbreaking. Many men do suffer with depression, however for the longest time possible in the media, only women have been shown to suffer from it. The love and kindness the actors have towards each other makes this storyline even more touching and even more excellent as it’s (in my opinion), more real. Real emotions, real feelings for each other. That’s what makes a good production. A cast that are a family.

Not only does the new series follow the lives of the old gang, it also touches into the lives of the young generation. Baby Matthew, Young Adam, Chloe, The Twins and even Joshie to an extent have all made an appearance in the show. I’m so excited to see where the show will go and I wish it all the best.

If I could I would spend hours talking about how brilliant Cold Feet is. I would talk about my love for James Nesbitt. My admiration for Hermione Norris. My excitement for Cel Spellman. I don’t think we have the time for me to express my never-ending love for Cold Feet just yet. However, if you haven’t already taken a peek at this award winning show, then I highly recommend that you do! I promise you, it’s definitely worth it!

5) Heidi Wurst, Drag Queen.

Miss Heidi herself.

Miss Heidi Wurst is one of the funniest up and coming drag queens in Cardiff. She travelled all the way down from Germany to Birmingham and eventually settled here in the wonderful land of Cardiff. And she just so happens to be one of the best people in my life.

Drag has been a way for people to express themselves and to bring joy and laughter to many people. Some people aren’t for the drag scene, but I firmly am. Heidi breaks so many stereotypes regarding drag, gender, sexuality and so many others. Her makeup isn’t perfect? Was it meant to be? Was anyone’s makeup meant to be perfect? Heidi challenges expectations we have of females and choses to dress and portray women she sees every single day. Heidi is incredibly talented and has so many stories, jokes and a few cheeky innuendos hidden up her sleeve. She’s even created her own business and brings drag acts from all over the world to Cardiff. She ensures that not only does she get the crowd pleasers such as Delta Work, Raja, Raven, Milk etc, but she also hires her local sisters and encourages the growth of Welsh drag. She’s an inspiration for many young drag queens, and has quite the fanbase for herself. As I mentioned earlier, Heidi is all about breaking stereotypes, so she introduced many of her fans and close friends to Drag Kings. Kings are exactly like the Queens, however it’s a female dressing as a man. This was so interesting to find out, and Heidi was more than willing to educate everyone on the different varieties of drag that are available.

She uses real life experiences, both positive and negative to create charming, memorable and emotional stories/ jokes. It is utterly brilliant to see someone find a beautiful way of expressing experiences thus helping others and making sure others don’t feel alone. I am so excited to see what the future brings for Heidi and her business Sickening Events. She’s got a lot of love for everyone, and even has a few hidden sausages that we’re still yet to uncover.


6) American Horror Story, Roanoke.


I couldn’t do a Favourites Post without including American Horror Story. I have been in love with this show since it came out, and although I wasn’t the biggest fan of the past two seasons (which is quite sad considering they had so much potential) I am so happy to see this season hit our screens! The vibes I get from the season so far are exactly the same as Murder House and I cannot express how glad I am to see them go back to their roots. To explore even further the foundation which they created worlds of terror and irony. Even as they were releasing the the teaser trailers, I could tell that a lot of work went into this series. We were left guessing what the theme could be, even after the first episode lots of us were still guessing! It just goes to show that AHS will have never ending possibilities for themes, storylines and of course exploring the unique horror genre they have created for themselves.

As someone that aspires to make films or act, the style of AHS is so pleasing and original. Many would say taking the documentary route isn’t that original considering shows like Parks and Recreation, Modern Family, The Office, and so on, have all used that style to create their shows. But how many times have we seen a proper documentary style piece that fits with the horror genre? Not including ‘found footage’. This is a really great start for something completely new and I’m even more hooked than I was before.

Have you figured out what the big twist will be? Let me know in the comments below! I love discussing theories!


7) Andrew Ryan Photographic.
Andrew Ryan is an incredible photographer from the Valleys of Wales. He has created such beautiful pieces of art with just the help of his camera and talented eye. He’s also someone that I couldn’t imagine my life without.

Andrew has created a beautiful series called Strangers On A Train and it is one of the most stunning pieces I have ever seen. He captures regular people and indulges his audience to imagine their backstories. This work is something I can see going up in high end galleries and going global.  Photographers usually have to take many pictures to capture that one perfect image, but with Andrew, it almost feels like the first photo he takes is the photo he set out to take. His passion and love for photography and the arts shines brightly through his work. I spent many days in September looking at his creations and letting myself imagine backstories and situations the people he snaps may be in. It’s rather therapeutic really.

This guy isn’t just a talented photographer though, and this is what I love the most about him. He is an artist and can draw anything and everything. He recently drew a quick sketch of his partner and it made my heart melt completely. He draws celebrities from Taylor Swift to Morrissey and captures their personalities and beauty instantly. Andrew is also an incredibly talented graphic designer and has even designed professional posters and leaflets advertising events locally.

I can see incredible things coming his way in the near future. And I’m so glad that I’ll get to support him throughout his journey to stardom.
8) The Hunna

The Hunna are a brand new British indie/rock band that have been achieving endless goals. They recently went on their first album tour and I just so happened to go along and see them perform live at The Globe, Cardiff. The Globe is a very intimate venue and practically anywhere you stand, you will have a view of the stage (not if a human giraffe stands in front of you though, it’s not a magical venue). I went with one of my closest friends Garin, found another close friend, Erin,  at the gig by coincidence And watched over as yet another one of my closest friends practically died being front and centre of the gig, Mia is a trooper I swear.

The Hunna came on stage and the crowd went wild. Ever single person was enjoying themselves and knew the songs word for word. It was such an enjoyable gig that we even stayed behind to meet the band after they performed. They had time for every single one of us and it was just so nice to get to talk to them and really have that time with them. Most up and coming artists don’t have that much time after their gigs to meet every single fan, but The Hunna found a way. And that meant and awful lot to me. One of the songs that I still can’t get out of my head is Bonfire. I would say that that is the song that defines The Hunna as a band and their genre of music. Not only were the main band incredible, but they also picked extremely talented and raw support bands to travel with them on this tour. It was one of those gigs that truly made you appreciate live music and the love and passion artists have for their fans and their work.

The photographer asked if she could take my spot to take this picture… so that was essentially my view.

If you’ve never come across The Hunna before, I highly recommend checking them out on Youtube, Spotify, iTunes or any other platform that you can. Because they are worth it. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next for them. I’m guessing the next time they’re in Cardiff, they’ll be playing the Students Union. Sharing a stage that Gerard Way himself once played on. The Hunna are genuine guys with a genuine kindness that shines brightly towards their fans and their passion. I loved them before the gig, and I love them even more after it. My appreciation for their kindness and talent has sky rocketed and my admiration for them continuing to be humble and grateful to the people that got them this far will never fade.

They are one of my favourite bands, but this gig was probably one of the best things to have happened in September for me.

So there you have it, my September 2016 Favourites! If you like any of the things I’ve mentioned above drop me a comment below and we’ll be able to discuss theories, bands, and other topics. September was busy, eventful, fun, tiring, sad, but most of all, it was brilliant! Here’s to yet another great month with October.

Until next time guys, have an awfully big adventure!



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