The Walking Dead, Season 7 Premiere

Okay, so let’s talk about the episode EVERYONE is talking about. Season 7 kicked off in the UK on Monday the 24th of October. It was one of the most highly anticipated episodes of the year since the season 6 finale left us with the knowledge that one character would be bidding farewell to the show. This sent fans utterly crazy. Theories popped up everywhere about who the unfortunate character would be, would it even be a character that dies? Everyone was raving about it months after the final episode had aired. And then, just a few days ago, all of our questions had been answered. And a LOT of tears have been shed.

This is the point where I warn you about the spoilers that are to follow. So if you haven’t seen the recent episode of The Walking Dead, and don’t want to find out what the heck happens, then please rejoin me here when you have. Because this shit is about to get real.

If you’ve made it to this point then you’ve either seen the episode, or spoilers aren’t a big thing for you. The Walking Dead came back with a mind-blowing episode FINALLY revealing who the unfortunate character was. Well after about 15 – 20 minutes of the show starting, plus a compulsory advert.

Poor, brave, ginger Abraham. He was the unfortunate character. As Negan beat him ruthlessly without a second thought, my heart began to shatter. I was both sad yet relieved that Negan had chosen someone I hadn’t grown to love over the past 7 years. I was glad that it wasn’t Daryl, or Rick, or Glenn, or Maggie, Carol, even Carl. I was glad that Michonne, a badass character would once more be there to be the calm and reason to Rick’s reckless and spontaneous decisions. But I was heartbroken that this wonderful, new character that had so much potential to grow, and so much to offer the show as a comic relief in a way, with his care free attitude and boyish charm, was being beaten to death by some brutal psychopath that has only just been introduced to the show.

During the tense scenes I was beginning to feel anxious, like something bad was about to happen at any second, despite just seeing a brutal ending for Abraham. My friends, my step dad, the whole of the UK held our breath both eagerly awaiting the next parts of the episode and dreading them at the same time. Some unfortunate viewers hadn’t been successful in avoiding spoilers from fans over in the US, and I’m convinced they were the only ones that were actually mentally prepared for that episode.

As the moments passed and the tension grew, Daryl made one fatal mistake. He ignored Negan. He did a Daryl, he acted before he thought. Negan couldn’t have that, after all, he was a man of his word. This meant one this. Someone else was to die. Before we even had time to process what the hell was happening, Negan lifted his beloved Lucille, and brought it down with great force onto Glenn’s head. At this moment, as his eye bulged from his skull, my heart completely shattered. At last, the rumours that have been circulating for a while were true. Glenn was going to die, for real this time.

No one knew what Glenn was trying to say as he looked helplessly at Maggie, (who also broke my heart with her broken cries), but I believe he was trying to tell her he loved her. That he will one day find her again. Even though he was this fantastically badass character, he was still a romantic at heart. So wouldn’t that have made for his perfect last words? If he could get them out that is…

After that, from what I could see through the never-ending tears streaming down my face, Rick was being dehumanised by Negan. Rick had no control over himself, let alone the control and power to protect his friends and family. This was an interesting turning point for Rick. Since the show started 7 years ago, we’ve only ever seen Rick be extremely vulnerable once, and that was at the very beginning when he had no idea what was happening around him. To bring him back to that vulnerable place was shocking and upsetting for us as views and fans of the show. Rick is meant to be our hero. The glue that holds everyone together. But after witnessing the brutality of Negan and his beloved friends be beaten to death until they are no longer identifiable, we lost that strong, undefeatable leader that we all look up to in order to save the day.

By forcing Rick to choose between his cutting off his son’s arm as a display of loyalty to Negan, or have his son live and letting his friends who, over the past 7 years have become his family, be killed by brutal thugs, finally snapped something inside of Rick. He was no longer the man who was willing to defeat Negan and his men. He was now this vulnerable, lost and broken man that had no control over who he was anymore.

Just to tip fans over the edge, they closed the episode with the remaining survivors, minus Daryl after he was carted away by Negan and his men, burying Glenn and Abraham. Maggie was barely holding it together by this point, which obviously meant I was a complete and utter mess watching it. But what really broke my heart was the love and kindness that the others showed her and Rick’s words, ‘he was our family too’. Thanks, Satan. I really needed that to send me into a sobbing ball of depression.

So what did I think of it all?

My heart has been broken by a bat named Lucille.

Overall, it was a fantastic episode. After all the hype since the season 6 finale, this well and truly went above and beyond what fans were expecting. The acting was flawless, and I completely and utterly commemorate Lauren Cohan and Andrew Lincoln on their art they have crafted to perfection. The love and dedication the cast and crew have for the show and the characters they bring to life really shines through each episode. It was devastating not just for me, but for all of the show’s fans to watch people they’ve adored for such a long time be killed off unexpectedly.

I was on the edge of my seat throughout the whole episode. Not only were the deaths a huge part of the episode, but also Negan took Rick’s usual spot light. Negan became our focus and for me, as somebody that studies media production and attempts to create films and shows similar to The Walking Dead, I was impressed to see this shift in the audience’s attention. Negan became Rick’s counter half, the Yin to his Yang, the bad to his good. Both Andrew Lincoln and Jeffery Dean Morgan worked together so beautifully, you almost forgot that they were actors playing a part. Jeffery Dean Morgan is usually a smiling, kind and gentle man, as is Andrew Lincoln, but seeing them both be utter opposites to that was mesmerising. I cannot express how tense I was during the  ‘go get my axe’ scene. Rick facing so many Walkers defenceless made me so uneasy. Was Rick, our hero, about to die too?! Thankfully, that was not to happen. But still, I don’t think I took a breath until the mandatory adverts came on.

All throughout the day I was avoiding spoilers, in uni, in work, I would let no one speak to me about The Walking Dead. I was annoyed that fans that saw the episode before the premier posted spoilers across the internet for the rest of us to stumble upon. But that’s just the way things are I guess. I know a lot of people had the episode spoiled for them due to a stupid meme circulating Instagram. Was there any need to spoil it for people who, just like you, were eager to watch the episode and find out for themselves who the unfortunate soul was? Spoilers for such big moments like that should be completely banned…

Rick’s group will never be the same, and I’m excited to see how the show will grow and develop without Glenn and Abraham (I type this as I hold back a giant sob). I adored The Governor as a bad guy. David Morrissey is one of my favourite actors anyway. But I have a feeling, even though Negan utterly broke my heart, he will be my favourite Walking Dead bad guy to date. To see someone so evil and twisted, yet oddly charming is conflicting but you can’t help but want to see more of him. He is addicting. There’s so much potential for the show and Negan, especially now since the creators have announced they will be taking a sharp left turn away from the comics and any narrative associated with that. I’m excited to see the episode that airs on Halloween Night, even though I’ll be in work cleaning the shop for Stock Take, the thought of coming home and watching The Walking Dead will give me the strength to power through it.
I can’t even imagine what we’ll find out in the next episode. Will the theories that it was all just a dream be proven real? Or will another horrific event take place? Will we see where Carol and Morgan went? What will happen?! I guess we’ll have to find out Monday at 9pm on FOX!

If you guys watched The Walking Dead on Monday let me know in the comments below! Don’t forget to tell me what you thought Glenn and Abraham leaving the show. Let’s discuss how the show will move forward without them.

So until next time guys, have an awfully big adventure!



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