My Boxing Day

A lot of people get fairly grumpy around this time of year, and I guess I’m no exception. The crowds and the stress that comes with Christmas shopping really gets me down sometimes. But that doesn’t mean I hate Christmas! Christmas is actually one of the best times of the year for me. I get to show the people I love how much I love them with with quickly gifts, meaningful memories and just showering them with the love and kindness they deserve all year round. So what is the best thing about Christmas for me? It’s actually Boxing Day.

Boxing Day is my favourite thing about Christmas! Not because it’s all over, and we’re still on that cheery and festive high from the day before. It’s because I get to spend the day with my brother, my dad, my step mum, my grandparents, cousins, uncles, aunts and pets, of course. It’s the one day I get to stuff my face with Grandma’s chocolates, drink wine, tell awful jokes (and not be judged), take a nap, play games with my family, eat cold meat and chips and feel utter bliss. There’s something magical about my Boxing Days. Looking back on them, my heart swells with happiness and joy. The Christmas meals we’d have at the local (to my grandparents) golf club where we’d see the family members that we’d hardly ever see throughout the year, those were the best times. I always had an outfit that I’d get midyear, and I’d love it so much, I’d save it until Boxing Day just so I could look as beautiful as my older cousin Emma. Not that I was ever as beautiful as Emma. Not even the prettiest of outfits could make that Christmas Miracle come true. But still, the excitement and the happiness Boxing Day brought me as a kid, well, it just hasn’t left me.

Even though most years now we don’t see cousins because they’re busy making families of their own, being with friends, and just generally doing their own thing. Boxing Day is probably the one day of the year I feel like my family is whole again. I feel like despite everything the years have thrown at me, despite nearly losing myself, losing five friends in the space of a month, despite everything, on Boxing Day – I feel at peace.

I usually spend Christmas with my mum and stepdad, and I love it. We’re so far from traditional it’s comforting to have a routine that’s not like anyone else’s. And on Boxing Day, they get to have their own time together, without worrying if I’m dead or just asleep after having an exciting Christmas Day. They can do their own thing without me being around, and even though it was probably much needed when I was younger, it’s still nice that they can have one day where they can celebrate and be merry alone. So when I come home after a lovely day with the Davey’s – usually with some type of Brendarism (my grandma mixes up words and their meanings all the time, and this is what we call them, haha!) to report back with, it feels like we’ve all had that right amount of time with the people we love and care about the most, without hogging each other.

For as long as I can remember, Boxing Day has been known as Cold Meat and Chips Day. Instead of wasting any left overs, my grandma packs everything together and makes sure her family is well fed for yet another year. Since deciding to give up eating beef, my grandma has since stopped serving that particular meat – to my dad and uncle’s horror. Grandma always makes sure that everyone has their favourite food, drink, and everything in between. When my brother was a fussy eater, he used to have fish fingers and a few chips – my grandma went out of her way to get the best fish fingers she could find. Just because he wouldn’t eat what the rest of us were eating, didn’t mean he wasn’t about to get the full Grandma On Boxing Day Experience. And I guess that’s what I love the most about Boxing Day. Every year I get reminded of how special my grandma is. Well, my entire family! But especially grandma. She is a fearless lady that will love and protect her family, always. My family will always, always be important to me. It’s just on Boxing Day my time spent with them becomes a little bit more magical each year.


And that’s my favourite thing about Christmas, I get to see my family. I get to be at peace and see the people I love and care for immensely. What’s your favourite thing about Christmas or Boxing Day?! Let me know in the comments below about your favourite festive activities you do each year!



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