The Christmas Tag.

Merry Blogmas, Lost Kids! I was nominated by my lovely friend Jazz (find her blog here) to do this tag, and what a great way to get into the festive spirit than doing The Christmas Tag?!

  1. What is your favourite Christmas movie(s)?

I love Christmas movies a little bit more than I probably should! But I’d have to say that Love Actually, The Nativity and Christmas Mail (a made for TV movie) are most definitely my seasonal favourites!

2) Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve, or Christmas Morning?

Who on Earth would open their presents a day early?! That’s sacrilege! I open my presents with my family Christmas Morning (although one year I was severely ill and didn’t wake up until gone 1pm so I opened everything in the afternoon) like the patient person that I am.

3) Have you ever had a white Christmas?

I’m pretty sure I have! Not in recent years though, but I’m pretty sure that in my 20 years of living that I’ve seen it snow on Christmas Day! Just the idea of a white Christmas still magical no matter if it happens or not!

4) What made you realise the truth about Santa?

Okay, so. I remember someone told me The Truth one day in primary school and being the qualified detective that I am, I decided to pretend to be asleep on Christmas Eve and find out for myself who really ate all the cookies I wasn’t keen on sharing. And none the less, I found my mum and step dad sneaking into my room every now and then dropping off presents like overgrown, Welsh elves. I can’t say I was surprised. I had my suspicions about Santa and his flying reindeer for some time then. But still, it’s disheartening to find out The Truth no matter what you knew/ suspected.

5) Can you name all of Santa’s reindeer?

I’m pretty sure I will fail…

Rudolph, Dasher, Prancer, Dancer, Blitzen (?), Vixen and Dunder (?) Spencer, Comet.

Is that it? Forgive my reindeer ignorance. I tried. I really did…

6) What is your favourite holiday food/sweet/treat?

For me it’s always going to be pigs in blanket! It’s not Christmas without them! And of course the mince pies! They always go down rather well with me.

7) Be honest: do you like giving or receiving gifts?

I really love giving gifts! I just like making people happy, especially when it’s the people I love the most. Since my 18th birthday I’ve really not been into having presents given to me. I’d much rather give something to a loved one that they will cherish and appreciate, than them waste their money on me, when I’m perfectly content with my life and how it is.

8) What would be your dream place to visit for the holiday season?

I’ve always said this, and I will continue to say this; NYC! To be in the middle of New York City at Christmas time would be insane! Especially when New Year’s Eve comes along a few days later! The snow, the city, the culture, the people – what more could you want?!

9) What is your favourite Christmas song?


Or, Last Christmas by Wham! either one, they’re both pretty dang great!

10) Do you make New Years Resolutions? If yes, do you stick to them?

I’d be lying it I said I didn’t make them. But sadly, I’ve only ever been able to keep them up for one year! I promised myself that I’d write down all the things that made me happy, smile, or the kindness I was shown, pop them in a box/ jar, and then read them out the following year. That was pretty fun, but a bit stressful at times when I couldn’t remember what happened or if I’d already written something down! I feel like I should set my aim / goal for my NYR’s a little bit lower, just ya know, so they’re a little bit more manageable and achievable for 2017.

11) Favourite Christmas scent?

The smells of warm drinks and biscuits/ cake when you get home from work/school/college/university. That’s what I live for!

12) As a kid, what was the one crazy gift you always asked for, but never received?

I’ve always asked for a pet, but never, ever had one. Although last year my Dad did get Darcie (my beloved pug), but she wasn’t a Christmas gift. As I grew older, I realised pets weren’t gifts, they were actual animals and if I had one, they would be my responsibility. And although I will continue asking my parents for a dog (Darcie doesn’t count because she lives with my dad, step mum and brother), I will never, ever see it as a gift. But as an actual living being that I will protect and love and care for. I just want a pet so badly okay guys?! Preferably a really, really, cute, cuddly dog that doesn’t hate me.

13) What’s the best part about Christmas for you?

The warm feeling I get when I watch the Christmas films with my mum, cwtched up on the sofa. The excitement I feel when I get to decorate the tree. The love that’s shown to everyone. The joy in the air. The colours. The smells. The happiness. I love Christmas. I really, love every part of it.

And that’s the end of the questions! I will be nominating two of my best friends, Beth and Garin to do it also. You can also check out Beth’s blog here and Garin’s blog here.

Hopefully you guys all enjoyed this and that it maybe got you feeling Christmasy. Until tomorrow! Have an awfully big adventure!



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