Last Minute Stocking Fillers.

Have you guys gotten your Christmas presents sorted? (I haven’t!) If you have and you’re just looking for some final touches to the perfect Christmas hamper for your loved ones, then I have a few rather lovely suggestions. However if you’re like me and haven’t even made a dent in the 74th Annual Hunger Games…. I mean, Christmas shopping, then fear not! We’ll do this together! You can use these suggestions as inspiration to help you get those lovely gifts.



Who doesn’t love a bit of chocolate at Christmas time? If your loved one is chocolate-mad then popping a selection of chocolates in their stocking is a really lovely idea, and something you can’t go wrong with! Lots of chocolate brands do selection packs at Christmas time so find out their favourite and go chocolate hunting! And treat yourself to a bit of chocolatey goodness while you’re at it!

Yankee Candles (small).


Yankee candles come in all scents and sizes. The smaller sized candles they offer are just as delicious smelling as the rest of them! Not only can you get really warm, comforting smells that can chill our your loved one, but they can really brighten someone’s day. I like to light a candle after a rather stressful day so that I can settle down, read a book, and be surrounded by a gorgeous smell! They’re also rather lovely to light once they’re in the bath so they can have a super relaxing bath and forget their after Christmas blues.

Lush Bath Bombs / Items from Lush.


I feel like I’m tooting my own horn by writing this, but it’s true. Any of the Lush bath bombs / bubble bars are perfect for that extra little something for your loved ones at Christmas! This year we have so many different scents, crazy shaped bath bombs and other alternative options available to you guys. If the person you’re buying for loves super pampering and relaxing baths, you can’t go wrong with a Lush bath bomb or bubble bar.

However! Fear not if they’re not a bath person. We have lots and lots of different shower products (including shower jellies which are probably the most fun product that we sell). We can go from shower gel, to body conditioners, to soaps, to shower scrubs and so much more. These come in all different shapes and sizes so they’re all super easy to slip into your loved ones stocking!



Having trouble thinking of what to put in a female loved ones stocking? Let’s go back to basics and look at makeup! I love getting just little things in my stocking like lipstick/ lip gloss, mascara, lip balm and the like. Just to make them feel a little bit more glamorous this Christmas, take a look at the cruelty free makeup NYX offer. I’m sure there will be something your loved one will absolutely adore! Plus, they’re so affordable and they look fierce as heck!

Funky Socks. 


All the clothes shops have pretty funky and colourful socks out at the moment, and what a great stocking filler they make! As a uni student I’m always losing my socks and wishing I had comfier / warmer ones when the cold days come rolling around. Getting funky and quirky socks for your loved one not only gives them something practical that they can wear on a day-to-day basis (well, you know what I mean) but it also gives you the chance to give your loved one really embarrassing or cool socks at Christmas. Personally, I go full-out for the embarrassing ones.

Fancy Pens. 


I say fancy pens, but I mean pens that look a little nicer than your average ball point pen that you can get for 75p in Tesco. I’m always looking for pens and I get so excited when someone gives me a fancy looking pen. It’s so practical and can be used every day. They can be for writing, drawing, creating or whatever your loved one would use them for. You can’t go wrong with getting decent pens as a stocking filler.

A New Wallet.


One thing I’ve noticed about my male loved ones is – THEY KEEP BREAKING THEIR BLOOMING WALLETS! So if you’re looking to pop something practical yet thoughtful into someone’s stocking this year, a wallet is always a good shout for men. You can even slip in a picture of your lovely, smiling face in the picture area just so they can be reminded who bought them that awesome stocking filler gift!



Headphones are always breaking, and you only know you need new ones when your current ones break! So grabbing a loved one some snazzy headphones to pop into their stocking is always something to consider. You can go all out and get huge ones, or you can stick to the generic simple yet effective ones. These days you can get all different shapes, sizes and coloured headphones so go crazy when picking the pair for your loved one!



If you read my November Favourites post (here) you will already know that I’m always searching for something warm, cozy and soft – and scarves are just the thing for that! I find that scarves are such an awesome stocking filler because they are so useful and people tend to use them a lot more after Christmas when the weather still is quite chilly. You can go as crazy as you like with choosing the right scarf! You can get a whacky looking one, a plain generic one, or you can even make one yourself if you’re that talented! So go crazy and keep your loved one warm this Christmas!

Gift Cards. 


And finally, a really lovely stocking filler is a gift card. If you know your loved one likes a certain shop, but have no idea where to start to find their perfect present, gift cards give you the freedom to give your loved one exactly what they want plus you can’t go wrong. You can choose how much you spend on them and in which shop which is also a really lovely idea. So if you’re really stuck for what to get, why not grab a gift card for their favourite shop and treat them this Christmas! If you’re really, really stuck though – an iTunes gift voucher can’t go wrong.

I really hope this post inspired you to grab some really quirky and practical stocking fillers this Christmas! If you’ve got any other suggestions let me know in the comments below! And until tomorrow, have an awfully big adventure!



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