You Me At Six: Night People Signing.


Just a week ago one of my closest friends, Mia who’s like a little sister to me, decided to tell me she had a belated Christmas present for me; You Me At Six’s new album Night People. This alone made me so happy and thankful as I’ve been listening to this incredible British rock band from Surrey for years. At the peak of my emo days, YMAS were one of the only bands I’d listen to. Since then, I feel I’ve grown up as they’ve grown musically. It’s a comforting feeling whenever I listen to them and I was just pleased that Mia knew I loved them as much as she does. So when she sprung it on me that not only was I going to get their new album, I was also going to be meeting them with her, I was a little bit taken aback. Inside I was freaking out, but I played it cool and thanked her a billion times.

So tonight at roughly 6pm (I know, the irony of the time) we were at the end of the queue for the signing, and suddenly, they were in front of us. By this time, I wasn’t freaked out, I wasn’t crying, shaking or even nervous. Mia was shaking and just overall a big ball of adrenaline and excitement. Mia’s friend Maisy was also with us, but she was a lot calmer than Mia and more on my level. We made Mia go first so she didn’t have time to over think what she’d say to them and so she’d be able to get a group photo with all of us in. There was also one other girl who was alone and the last person in the queue all together. So when we asked for a group photo, Josh Franceschi, the bands front man, suggested that we all have a proper photo with them. So he went about to sort out a plan of action. I looked at Mia to see her eyes were a thousand times bigger than before and her hand was slightly shaking. Maisy and I were just saying ‘yeah, whatever’s good for you is good for us’ – you know, because we were the normal ones out of the three of us.


Josh had the girl behind us go first seeing as she was alone and they could have a little bit of a chat then. Which we didn’t mind. She came all that way to meet her favourite band by herself so we wanted her to have her moment and be happy more than we wanted a picture with the band. While the girl was getting ready for her photo to be taken with YMAS, Mia states rather loudly that the phone in one of the security guards hand is hers and not the girl who was about to have her photo taken. Josh looks at Mia and slightly laughs saying ‘I know, don’t worry, I know what I’m doing.’ I don’t think Mia ever expected to have a normal conversation with one of the bands she’s been listening to since she was 11 years old, so to have Josh be so normal and informal with her probably made her freak out even more.

When our turn came, I stood behind Josh and Chris, Mia stood behind Dan, and Maisy stood behind Matt and Max. They had so much time for us and asked us how we were, what our thoughts were on the album, what we thought about the event, if we were doing good and so on. I asked if they were enjoying Cardiff and how they were after travelling and speaking to fans all day. They were just so genuinely lovely and down to Earth. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend a Monday evening or for an even more genuine band.

You’d expect a huge band like You Me At Six to be a little bit more… distant in a way? But it’s like they’ve never changed from the lads they were years ago when no one knew their names. Not even the fame, the work, the tours, the fans, the media, the press could stop them from being genuine and humble. It felt like I was talking to a local band that were at the start of their career. I am in complete awe at their gentle and kind nature, let alone their sheer talent. To meet those guys and to feel like they enjoyed the experience as much as we did feels amazing. They made us feel welcome and like friends of theirs. It was an experience that I’ll cherish for as long as I live, and they will forever be a band that I have the utmost respect for.

I’m seeing them in concert (again) in April and honestly, I couldn’t be more pumped up for a concert. Seeing them perform is just something else completely and I have no doubt I’ll be writing another post about that night. Have you ever met one of your favourite bands? Have you met YMAS? Let me know down in the comments! And until next time, have an awfully big adventure, Night People.



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