I’m Thankful For…


Last Summer when things got too much for me, I decided to try and remain calm by reminding myself of all the things I’m thankful for. Sometimes I feel utterly lost and alone, and then, because of that genius idea, I get to look back on all the things that have made me thankful, happy, stronger and overall better. So I thought, why not share what I’m thankful for at the moment.

1)  My Mum


I will forever and always be thankful to my mum for everything she’s ever done for me. She’s my rock, best friend, therapist, confidant, landlord, hamster grandma, but best of all, she’s my mum. I know I’ve put her through hell and I probably still do, but she’s never once given up on me, not through the physical illnesses I had years ago, not through the mental health saga that is my life, not through deciding to leave school, even when I suggested leaving university, she was cool with it. I’ve always got her to see me through the dark days, to hold me when I’m sick, to watch me grow and to pick me up again if I fall. I hope she knows just how grateful I am for her. I love her endlessly and I could never be without her by my side.

2) Cups of Tea. 


They are the be all and end all for me. Tea makes everything a little bit less painful. A break up? A loss? Feeling ill or down? Tea might not solve the problem nor will it bring anyone back from the beyond, but it always soothes the soul. I’d be completely lost without my cups of tea. Cups of tea made right are always something that cheers me up, and something I will always be thankful to be offered.

3) My Stepdad’s Parenting. 

My Stepdad, Mark, is always either annoying me to the brink of me throwing a frying pan at his head, or he’s being incredibly sweet and caring and fatherly. But either way, I feel like I can always speak to him about things that are bothering me and I know he’ll have some story in return that’ll make me feel better about the situation. Sure we argue, but who doesn’t argue with their parents? To know when to make me a cup of tea without saying a word is a talent, and one he has down to a T. To know what means a lot to me, and to accept my illness and still be supportive and caring is something only true father does. I’m blessed that I have two dads, both are pretty awesome. But Mark, he’s the one that makes the best cups of tea and has probably the most chilled our parenting style ever.

4) Showers.


I’m usually a bath princess but when you really need to clear your mind, showers are the way forward. I don’t really know what it is, but that feeling of being cleansed by the running water really clears my mind and helps me focus on the here and now, rather than the possibility of the future or the mistakes from the past. Plus, washing your hair feels amazing when you feel like crap! You’re almost washing the bad thoughts out of your mind!

5) Thom and Andrew. 

Thom (back) and Andrew (sunglasses)

Thom and Andrew are two of my closest friends and I absolutely adore them to pieces. They always have been supportive and loving. I feel like they’re my family and I’m theirs. They give me joy and comfort, advice and ideas, friendship and love. When times get tough, I know I will always have a message waiting for me from Andrew to cheer me up. When I need backup or have my confidence knocked, I know without a doubt Thom will not only be there to help me back on my feet, but he will also defend me until he’s out of breath. Those two incredibly good-hearted lads mean the world to me, and I make sure that everyday they know I love and appreciate them so much.

6) Lush.


I have always loved Lush, and I will continue to always love Lush. But since working there, my love and respect for everyone that works with us has grown immensely. I feel utterly at peace and at home whenever I walk through the front door. Not only do Lush create and sell incredible products that help with everything, working there has given me the strength and confidence to move forward with my life. Despite having a mental illness, I feel capable, accepted, welcomed and trusted in Lush. My coworkers are like a second family and I honestly cannot be more thankful to Lush. Working at Lush makes me feel like I’m doing something productive and something that others benefit from. That’s honestly one of the best feelings in the entire world and I can’t thank Lush enough for giving me the opportunity to do that.

7) Dogs. 

My very own Darcie Dog.

If you don’t know me, then you’ll probably not know that I absolutely adore animals. Especially dogs! Dogs are everything to me and whenever I see a dog or I get the chance to pet one, I go out of my way to keep the day positive and happy because, why would bad and negative things happen when dogs are around? Dogs are good and pure and I’m just very thankful that they’re in this world. I’m thankful that my dog is awesome even if she does hate me sometimes.

8) My Dad. 

My Dad will always try crack a smile out of everyone no matter the situation. Recently, with my granddad being ill, he has been suck a rock to me and my grandma. He’s been keeping everyone going and keeping us all hopeful. I know he tries his best in every single situation and honestly he’s someone that I’m utterly proud to have in my life. He may be the world’s biggest dad joke teller, but at least I get to hear those cheesy puns on a daily basis – and you never know, somedays a cheesy pun is exactly what you need to hear! My dad will always give advice and be supportive of everything that I decide to do. And I just hope he knows that I truly am thankful for him. Always.

9) My Granddad. 

Me and Grumpy Gramps

My Granddad has been very sick recently, but we know he’s on the mend seeing as he’s telling everyone that he needs a ‘dump’ and someone to wipe his arse properly! It’s little things like that, that really make me appreciate my Granddad even more. Not only is he a strong fighter, he’s also hilarious and comes out with golden sayings like that. He’s always encouraged my choices and has supported me no matter what. And for that, I can never ever express how grateful I am to have him in my life.

10) My Hamsters (Sam and Dean). 

Sam (pale) and Dean (dark)

My beautiful hamsters have been such a blessing in my life. Animals are natural antidepressants for me. Sam and Dean (yes they are named after Sam and Dean Winchester, fight me) calm me down and they ground me into the moment. In the middle of an episode, I can be sobbing uncontrollably, on the brink of a panic attack or about to spend all of my money on crap I don’t need. But my hamsters, they remind me to keep calm and to look after myself like I’d look after them. They bring me natural joy and make my day even better just by having them in my life. I’m just so grateful that I’m able to have Sam and Dean and to be able to call them mine.

Those were just 10 things that I am extremely grateful and thankful for in my life at the moment. I’m thinking about making a post like this every now and then to ensure everyone knows who and what I’m grateful for. Obviously Everyone mentioned above will continuously be on the list, but I’ll be making sure new people and things feature in new posts. If you’re having a hard time at the moment and are struggling to find the good in life, just think of all the things you’re grateful for. They can be as simple as water, your bed, a TV show, a pet, cheese or whatever else you’re thankful for. If you decide to make a post like this, let me know! I’d love to see what you guys have to say. Until next time, have an awfully big adventure for me.



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