Travel Bucket List

When you’re stuck in a small town, one of the things that inspires you to work hard and do well in life is the idea of one day travelling the world, experiencing new cultures, meeting new people, exploring new lands. Everyone has a Travel Bucket List, be it big or small, everyone’s got one tucked away somewhere. Some people get to start ticking off places during their late teens / early twenties and that’s amazing! But some of us are waiting for the right time to go off on that awfully big adventure. I’d love to see the entire world! But I know that’ll practically be impossible. So I’ve narrowed down just a few cities and countries that I’d very much like to visit at some point in my life.

1) New York City.


New York City is a place that everyone has to experience at least once in their life time. The city that never sleeps sounds like a magical place! With film schools, performance and art being taught in every corner of the city it seems like the place I need to be. The colours, creativity and the energy excites me and I feel my heart tug towards it every day. I would definitely be the typical tourist by seeing all the usual landmarks and typical locations, but at the same time, I’d love to just explore and find a cafe that’s like Central Perks and just experience life from a New Yorker’s point of view. My biggest dream is to sit in Central Park and read for hours and hours, watching the day go by, being surrounded by all that nature in such an unlikely place.

2) Paris. 


Who doesn’t want to go to Paris? It’s historic, romantic and has style and class that photos and movies don’t do justice to. To walk among a place that’s so modern yet so finely kept that you feel like you’re half in your time zone and half in the past is something that I’ve always wanted to experience. Not only are the landmarks and locations there breathtaking and captivating, the atmosphere is apparently genuinely laid back. Again I’d love to be able to eat French food, drink French wine, bask in the romance of Paris lights and find my inner peace. After reading several books, mainly Anna And The French Kiss – Stephanie Perkins, it’s somewhere I’d give my heart and soul to go to. Maybe someone, someday will want to go with me.

3) Verona. 


Since reading Romeo and Juliet in school and learning about the history and culture Verona has to offer, I’ve been desperate to visit there myself. I feel like it’s one of those places that makes you feel happier, calmer and more relaxed – something I definitely need to be focusing on at the moment. I’d love to visit locations such as Juliet’s Wall where people from across the word will write to Juliet in hopes of her helping them with their love lives and problems. I’d love to walk down the cobbled streets and breathe in Italian air and just feel like Romeo and Juliet are walking beside me. That characters from books and movies are coming to life just by being in such an incredible place. Verona has always been on my travel bucket list and will forever be on my travel bucket list.

4) Rome. 


You can’t visit Italy and not explore Rome! The sites there are utterly incredible and most definitely something I dream of seeing for myself one day. To eat pizza in the capital of Italy would be amazing! Every pizza lover’s dream I’d say. To wake up and have that beautiful Italian sunlight shine down on me, and have a day wandering through the ancient ruins, seeing historic buildings and learning about their culture and traditions in Rome is something I aspire to do in the future. That and eating Italian pizza in the capital of Italy – both are very high up on my list of things to do in Italy!

5) Athens.


From one capital city to another, Athens, the capital city of Greece is definitely a place I would love to visit in the future. To visit the city that practically created democracy and a fair political system (well, the start of one anyway) is something that means a lot to me. Without those ideas and visions of a fair and equal political system then I doubt very much that we’d have a functioning world we have today. We have a lot to thank ancient Greece for, and as a history buff, I’d relish the opportunity to visit this incredible city. I’m intrigued by mausoleums, museums, art galleries, and other historic buildings the public can access there. I love the idea of standing in a place where someone decades ago would have stood. Isn’t that crazy to think about? I just love historic places and I believe Athens is one of the most interesting historic city around thus why it’s on my travel bucket list.

6) Sweden. 


I feel like Sweden has everything I want in life. It has beautiful architecture, historic buildings and locations, the seasons are stunning, it’s the home of IKEA, a series of incredible music and fashion festivals take place all across the country – but more than anything, it’s where a lot of people go to be inspired by the natural beauty Sweden holds. I’ve seen posts and articles that explain that Sweden has given them a chance to see things in a different light, how to be self-sufficient, and so many other things. I’d love to experience this beautiful country first hand and even visit a few famous landmarks and locations that films and TV shows have used throughout the years.

7) Australia.


Not only do I have a great excuse to visit Australia – visit my family there! But I have been desperate to go there for years! I just love how laid back everyone is about everything. The kindness Australians show one an other and strangers is heartwarming and honestly, it seems like one of the most incredible places to visit that will allow you to experience a variety of different cultures, people and events. From seeing a performance in the Sydney Opera House to relaxing on a beach and discovering new wildlife – Australia is jam-packed full of things to do so no matter where you go, you’ll always have something to do and keep yourself entertained. I get so jealous of friends and family that go out there and have these wild adventures and they come back and brag about how amazing it was. My family that live over there are so kindhearted and genuine, it just gives me hope that Australians would have the same attitude and demeanour in general. To visit anywhere in Australia would be a dream come true.

8) India. 


Something that makes me very happy is vibrant and loud colours – something India is definitely not in a shortage of. India has so many incredible religions, cultures, traditions and so on, that it’s considered one of the most exciting and spiritual places to visit within your life time. I absolutely love Bollywood films, the excitement of traditional Indian weddings and birthdays just brings me so much happiness. To experience something like that first hand would be unbelievable! A lot of cities in India are very fast paced and full of people working hard and achieving the best they can. I’d love to be apart of that fast paced environment and then compare it to the more serene, peaceful parts of India. To be close to the wildlife there and to experience a quiet town somewhere in India sounds like a dream when life over here gets hectic and grey. I’d love to visit India with my mum in the future. I have no idea if she’s interested in visiting India, but she’s coming with me whenever I go. Thanks, mum!

9) Amsterdam. 


Probably not for the reasons you’re thinking, but Amsterdam is honestly somewhere I’d adore to visit. There are countless gems you can experience there such as the Anne Frank House (which again is somewhere I deeply feel like I need to visit), visiting Jordaan – one of Amsterdam’s most beautiful neighbourhoods that supposedly makes you feel like you’ve taken a step back in time, shopping in The Nine Streets which holds over 200 retailers that go from independent stores, vintage shops and other stores you wouldn’t think existed. Not only does Amsterdam have so much to offer for the young and restless, but it offers tranquility and time to relax. You can escape the hustle and bustle of the busy streets to settle down in one of Amsterdam’s many parks, enjoy street-food, read, and explore the city in unconventional ways such as ferris, taking a ‘cannel cruise’ and so on to reach your aspired destination. In my eyes, Amsterdam is the perfect place to get lost in, and of course, have an awfully big adventure.

To cut things short (because if I didn’t I’d list every single place I want to visit, and we’d all be here for hours and hours) I would love to travel and really experience something different from my tiny Welsh town. The more historic the place, the better! The more I can learn about a city/building/person/town/country/culture etc, the more excited I feel. I love learning and experiencing new things and by traveling, it allows you to do all of that. Have you been to any of the places mentioned above? Let me know down in the comments! And until next time, have an awfully big adventure!



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