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We’ve all had those dreams that are bizarre and leave you feeling confused and sometimes uneasy in the waking world. Since I discovered dream interpretation, I’ve been looking into what some of my dreams mean. The things I’ve discovered have blown my mind with how the interpretation fits fairly accurately with my waking life. I’d love to know more about my dreams and what they mean, why I have certain dreams, and how I can learn more about them. But, until then, here are just a few of the dreams I’ve had.

 Dreams about spiders. 

I oddly dream about spiders more than I’d like to admit. One dream that stands out in particular to me is the one where a spider (it was huge) was chasing me/ following me around the place and I assumed it was trying to bite me. According to the research I did whilst looking into dreams about spiders, I found some core reasons as to why I may be dreaming about spiders trying to chase me and bite me.

  • It could imply that I am being overlooked or ignored by others and feel that more in my slumbered state.
  • I could feel stuck in a relationship, friendship or a situation that isn’t healthy or working out.
  • In regards to the spider bite, usually it means there’s an ongoing issue between myself and a close female friend.
  • As for being chased by the spider, it pretty much symbolises the need for you to run away from a negative and toxic relationship/ situation that you just can’t deal with anymore. The person/ situation is taking an emotional toll on you and you shouldn’t have to deal with it anymore.

Now I found this rather bizarre because during the time when I had dreams like this continuously for a few months, I had just fallen out with a close friend of mine who happened to be a female. She started off being a really great friend, a shoulder to cry on, a support, a sister – just everything you’d expect a friend to be. But towards the end of the friendship, when I was finally getting somewhere with my diagnostics with mental health, I was finally feeling confident enough to branch out and widen my friendship group, and to feel brave enough to speak out about my experience with mental health, she decided that her mental health was far worse than mine. She claimed to have illnesses she clearly had no idea what they did. And in the end, the friendship broke down because she didn’t like the fact I told her about my suffering. She’d much rather me try to make a sad day for her, better than the best day of her life instead of me focusing on me getting better. I may sound bitter or it may sound unkind, it’s hard to put into words how exactly the friendship broke. But it’s very much like ‘well, you can’t be sick because I’m sick too and it’s a lot worse than your sickness’ on her half, and me finally realising that mental health will consume me and kill me if I continued to let her use me for her gain.

Before I cut all ties with this girl, I kept having these spider dreams and after having read the suggestions and the interpretations about common spider dreams, I felt that this hit the nail straight on the head. After all ties were cut, I’ve not had that dream. Weird right?

Dreams about losing a baby. (CN: involves miscarriage)

I’m not pregnant, I’ve never been pregnant, nor do I have a baby. So when I had a dream about miscarriage, I was so confused and worried. Was there something wrong with me? Was I going to lose a baby in the future? So to save myself from worry I looked into what these types of dreams could mean for me.

In my dream, I was happily doing my thing, just going about every day life. And then I noticed a bump in my belly, and when I realised that in the dream I was pregnant, I started bleeding. And it’s just as horrific as it sounds. I woke up from the dream feeling like I’d genuinely lost a child.

Some reasons for this could be:

  • The dream reflected on anxious and negative emotions and reflect worries from the waking world.
  • A representation of loss of opportunity, loss of a relationship / person, or loss of trust.
  • I could have expected something only to have it fall through last-minute, or lose control over it and not successfully see it through to the end.
  • Dreams involving miscarriage also usually symbolise an injustice that has happened to you in your waking life, that was carried out by someone very close to your heart. Typically you do not foresee this tragic or traumatising event coming in the waking world.

I feel with my dream I was happy and just enjoying life as I would any day. But during my waking life, I did have an incredible opportunity presented to me to progress in my work place, but I sadly didn’t get promoted this time. Maybe this was the cause of the dream? I wouldn’t say I expected the job or a promotion, but I guess you’ve got to have hope for any job you apply for, right? Either way, this dream was truly horrible and I’m so glad that I’ve never experienced it again, nor do I hope to experience it again.

Dreams about living a life you didn’t want. 

This one is a little bit more complicated to explain. The dream started off with myself and some friends that got assigned to make a creative project. So as the dream progressed, more people became involved and eventually we were split up into groups of four or so by my old art teacher (no idea why she was there, but she was) and for my group, I was with complete strangers. I kept getting left behind, ignored, or just didn’t want to be a part of that group. Eventually the project came to an end and we had to showcase what we’d been doing, our project won and we had to go on TV and host a new TV show. Before we went live on air, I went around each of the groups and said goodbye, as if I was accepting my fate. I remember taking a deep breath and then the dream ended like a movie.

I literally didn’t know where to start when researching this dream, so I took my emotions and feelings into account and looked into those more than the actual events of the dream.

  • The amount of people coming into the project could be seen as an overwhelming amount of social pressure from my waking life.
  • By having many people join in with the dream could imply that the friends I would consider quite close to me (the ones I started the project with) are slowly becoming distant and that I’m struggling to come to terms with that.
  • Strangers in dreams usually symbolise the unknown and the fear of the unknown. I didn’t feel threatened or uneasy around the strangers so it could also mean that I am intrigued by the unknown and would jump into a strange situation without hesitation.
  • Going on TV and being a host of a brand new TV show symbolises the life I want to have and the life of luxury that I’m working so hard to get.
  • However, the deep breath at the end and the fact that my friends became distant in the dream, could reflect on a fear of leaving everything and everyone I’m comfortable with behind so I can fulfil this goal of mine.

I’d say that’s pretty bang on. I do often sit back and look at how many friends I think I have, compared to the ones I have and cherish after having that dream. I’m excited to see if this dream has anymore accuracy to it in the near future. It’s so weird that dreams can represent and reflect on subconscious thoughts and show them in really mental ways. I’d never have thought that I was beginning to feel distant from ‘close’ friends until I read the interpretations online and actually sat down and thought about it. It blows my mind. I’m still however, confused as to why my old art teacher was there. Maybe she misses my crap art skills?

Instead of writing down every single dream I have here and now, I’ve decided to turn this into a series for every now and then. I find dreams and the symbols embodied within them so fascinating, I’m definitely looking forward to delving into more research about my dreams and what they could possibly mean. Have any of you guys had weird dreams that you just had to look into? Are any of you good at interpreting dreams? Let me know in the comments below, and until next time, have an awfully big adventure.



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