A Reassuring Touch?

Who’s ready to get spooky?! It’s been a while since I discussed anything spooky or ghostly, so I thought it was high time I got back into it. This is a fairly recent experience, and I’m still trying to figure out if it’s real or not. As always, please remember to be respectful to myself and any others that may comment – if you don’t agree with our beliefs or don’t believe in what we believe in then, still feel free to comment, just don’t degrade us or make us feel ashamed of our beliefs in the paranormal. With that said, let’s get those ghosts out!

Earlier this week I noticed my house kept getting significantly colder, I even Tweeted about it when it happened. I kept turning the heating up, only to notice it getting colder despite me double and even triple checking the temperature I’d set it to. I will admit I can sometimes forget or just assume I’ve done something, even if I haven’t.  So that’s probably the first thing that I started to notice. My house is usually this safe haven of warmth and cosiness. Recently I have had to wrap up in heavy pyjamas and a dressing gown to keep that cosy feelings. Some may say it’s just the weather, or me coming down with a cold – which both are true, the weather is getting colder and I am getting sick. But this felt weird.

Anyway, I did forget about it and continued to go about my life, as you do. But on the Sunday night/ early Monday morning, I popped a dressing gown over myself and my duvet to keep me extra cosy and warm during the night. I woke up to go to the toilet during the night and I noticed my dressing gown was further down my bed than where I originally left it before I went to sleep. Obviously. The strange thing is, when I came back not even two minutes later, my dressing gown was further up the bed. As in, it was closer to my pillows, as if someone just plonked it down just where I would be lying in bed. By now, I still hadn’t thought anything of it. It was really late at night/ early in the morning so maybe it was sleepy brain giving me the wrong information about where things were placed. Maybe it wasn’t…

After I settled back down with the dressing gown covering me, I was just seconds away from going to sleep when I felt a pressure on my back in the shape of someone’s hand. I shot up so quickly you’d have thought Brendan Urie was in my room by the way I moved. I looked around, no one. Not my mum, step dad, hamsters or even my beloved teddy Fudgie. No one was in my room other than me. So, I shook it off, even though I was confused and could have sworn that it has just happened? And that’s when it happened again, but it was a gentle, reassuring pressure on my back/ shoulder. As if someone was trying to tuck me in or reassure me and reduce anxiety. I didn’t feel scared or worried. I just was confused.

Maybe it was my sleepy brain playing tricks on me, but maybe it wasn’t. March is a really tough month for me anyway seeing as two years ago, five of my friends passed away within days/ weeks of each other during March. Maybe it was one of them trying to reassure me that they’re still here? Maybe one of them wanted me to remember that they were here. Maybe they want to remind everyone that loved them and will continue to love them for as long as we all live, that they are always here with us, experiencing these things with us, even if we can’t see them. I’d like to believe that’s what it was. It gave me a happiness to think that Chris was around and looking out for me, even if he’s not physically here. It made me smile to think it could have been Conner reminding me not to cry this month. Or it could have been Rhodri, Cory or Alesha reminding us to stick together and give comfort to one another in this hard and trying time.

No matter who, or what it was, it was certainly spooky to think about. What do you guys think it was? Was it a ghost? My angels looking out for me? Or was it just something a tired 20 something’s brain imagined? Let me know what you think! If you’ve ever had any experiences similar to this, then please do let me know in the comments below! Having said that, go have an awfully big adventure for me this week.



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