Any Happy Little Thoughts?

Welcome back to my piece of Neverland, Lost Kids. Recently a few friends of mine have told me how incredibly down and off they’re feeling these days. That truly breaks my heart. To see the people you love around you suffering and you can’t really do much to help them absolutely sucks. I wish I could take their pain away and give them the chance to see what a bright future lays ahead of all of us. This month is especially hard for me seeing as I lost five friends over the period of March in 2015. One of them sadly took his own life. So not only does this give me the strength to stand up and help others in a disheartening situation, it gives me the motivation to go out and talk about mental health and encourage more people to talk openly about the problems they face every day. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, not at all. It’s something we should embrace. Be proud of. It’s not a glamorous thing to live with, it’s not a fashion statement that might change in a few months time. It’s a type of illness that will be with you for as long as you live. And you should be a proud and brave warrior to have gotten this far in life without giving up. I’m proud of you for doing that.

I just want you guys to know that no matter what negativity you may be facing right now, life gets better. No one will 100% understand what you’re going through or how you’re feeling, we all experience everything differently. But know the people who are making an effort are there for you. You are loved and you are cared for. Every period of darkness ends when light cracks through. The light in your life could be anything, your friends, family, hamsters, dogs, a book, a TV show, a band and so many other things. It’s up to you to find that source of light, and never let go of that love and passion you have for it.

If you’re feeling worthless or that life isn’t worth living, please know that death is irreversible. You can’t cover up a death with long sleeves or tattoos. When I wanted to end my own life, I heard this incredible quote from Frank Iero (of My Chemical Romance) which was ‘the world won’t be a better place without you’ – no one will be happier or better off. A cure for cancer won’t magically appear. Bullying won’t stop. World peace won’t happen. Famine, poverty and sickness won’t be things of the past. The only way that you can actually make a difference in the world is by sticking around and being you. You never know, you might be someone’s reason to live. Even if that someone is your dog. Because think about it, without you, who would they have to take care of them? It would break them if you left now.

I am completely inspired by everyone that wakes up every day and thinks ‘I can’t do this anymore’ but carries on, braves those demons for another day and lives to see another sunset and another sunrise. It’s incredible that despite those demons attacking your mind and your thoughts, creeping in at every opportunity possible, YOU are STILL HERE! What a great achievement for the day! You didn’t give up, you made it! That in my eyes, is a very successful win against any Mental Health demon trying to destroy you. You’re winning this battle, man! You got this!

Take a moment to think about all the things in life you love. Even if it’s stars, space, Doctor Who, Supernatural, reading, music, tattoos, writing, nature, animals, photography, drag queens, history – it can be anything you love and want to spend your time doing/ watching/ being in or around. Now think about all the times you felt like everything was just too much. Wouldn’t you much rather go watch the stars from your back garden with a warm cup of hot chocolate before you go to bed at night? Wouldn’t it be fantastic to stay in a cosy blanket and binge watch all of those Doctor Who episodes with your pet sat beside you? To listen to music full volume with your bedroom windows wide open singing your heart out along with your favourite band? Imagine doing the things you love the most instead of doing something destructive. When you feel so bad and awfully and that life is a pile of shit, why not go to your favourite spot in the park? Or go watch a film in the cinema. Camp outside and have your own adventure. You’ve got nothing to lose by going to a place that brings you happiness, comfort and more than anything, hope.

There’s so much more I could say, and so much more I want to say. But for now, I think the points made here are enough for today. If you have anything you’d like to talk to me about, or even if you just need a friend / stranger to rant and vent to. Never, ever hesitate to contact me. You can comment on my posts asking for my social media and I’ll gladly give it to you and we can chat there. If you need any advice for yourself or others and aren’t sure where to go, again, please feel free to message me if you feel like I’d be of help. I won’t ever let anyone stand alone in this war we have between our mental health. You’re never alone. Not even when you feel lonely. You’ve got a girl in South Wales that would be heartbroken if you felt like you had no one around to talk to, or to care for you. Even if she is a lost girl, she cares for you. This post is for anyone that needs to hear the validation of their existence in this cruel world. This is for my friends. For Chris. For anyone suffering and needs to remember that they are what makes this world beautiful and interesting and worth living for. The negativity will end, just please don’t end yourself before you see that beautiful sunshine at the end of the darkness. And for me, please, have an awfully big adventure with your life.



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