7 Easy Vegetarian and Pescatarian meal ideas.

Thank you so much for your patience during this crappy time in my life. It’s been a horrible few days and the funeral is next week, so I don’t think I’ll be up to posting too much over the next few weeks. But I’ll do my best. However, the point of this post isn’t to be sad and down about my Grandfather’s passing. It’s to show you guys 7 quick and easy vegetarian / pescatarian meal ideas that will also relieve your bank account of any unnecessary stress. I’m not a cook nor am I chef so I can’t give advice or instructions to you guys on how to make these recipes, I’m just here to give you ideas and rough guidelines on how to make them. It’s so easy being green, and here’s how you can eat healthily on a budget!

1) Scrambled egg with smashed avocado on toast. 


So this one is super-duper easy to make and you can literally make it in under 15 minutes. All you need for this delicious meal is: eggs, milk, bread and avocado. You can also add some cheese and chopped onions to the mix to create an even tastier meal! I feel patronising if I tell you how to make scrambled eggs and how to smash an avocado, so I won’t do that. I trust that you guys know how to make scrambled eggs, but if not, fear not, it’s super easy and you can find tutorials on it on YouTube!

2) Tomato and mozzarella tart. 


This is one of the easiest meals I’ve ever made, and it’s beyond delicious! It’s like a healthier, more delicate version of a pizza. To bake this incredible dish you need: 1 puff pastry ready rolled sheet (this can be found in any and all supermarkets), 2-3 tomatoes to slice, mozzarella cheese, basil leaves, beaten eggs (to place the pastry with) and finally tomato puree. You can make it your own by adding other toppings or changing the idea completely! Don’t be afraid to experiment with flavours and textures in this delicious dish.

3) Rotini with pesto, chickpeas and creamy spinach. 


This light pasta dish doesn’t sacrifice flavour. With earthy beans, gorgeous greens, and sharp Parmesan cheese (or any cheese of your choice) you’ll have a 100% yummy meal and your wallet/ purse won’t feel a thing! Again, I don’t want to sound patronising by telling you how to cook pasta or anything that is quite basic. There are so many fun ways to create this dish, and many recipes are out there if you want exact guidelines on how to make this beautiful meal.

4) Salmon fillet with mash containing garden peas, cheese and chopped onions and tartar sauce. 


I recently had this meal and I can’t tell you enough how delicious it was! We fried the salmon and whilst that was cooking, we mixed some garden peas in with our pre-made mash (you can of course make your own mash, we just had some pre-made in the fridge) and cooked that for a few minutes. Once the mash was done, we added the cheese and chopped onions to give it that added flavour. By the time that was all complete, the fish was finished so we plated up, added a nice drop of tartar sauce and we ended up with a beautiful meal that hardly cost us anything!

5) Halloumi mixed grill. 


This can mean anything you want it to mean! I personally love adding grilled Halloumi with sliced avocado, toasted sourdough, grilled mushrooms and juicy tomatoes and sometimes even mediterranean vegetables to give it that added flavour. You can copy this simple and delicious idea in any which way you like!

6) Sweet potato burritos. 

sweet potato burrito 1.jpg

Don’t worry! It’s not as boring as it sounds. Instead of adding meat to your burritos, replace that with everyone’s favourite – sweet potato slices! This gives it a brand new twist to the burrito. Add black or white beans, guacamole or just chopped up avocados, and some tomatoes / salsa topped off with some cheese! To add extra spice or flavour feel free to pop some herbs or spices into the mix. You can also make this meal vegan by obviously reducing any ingredients that contain animal produce. How simple and beautiful is that?!

7) Spicy Thai peanut sauce over roasted sweet potatoes with rice. 


Again, this recipe is completely accessible and affordable for everyone! It’s super delicious and gives you a little something different to eat during the week. I adore meals like this, because you don’t need much to make it (ingredient and money), and it takes hardly any time at all to make as well! What more could you want? You are most definitely welcome to experiment and try this idea with other vegetables and sauces. You won’t be disappointed by this spicy treat!

So there we have it! We’ve got 7 beautiful dishes you can indulge yourself in throughout the week without making a huge dent in your wallet or purse! Let me know if you’ve tried any of these before and if you plan on having a crack on any of the ideas above. Also, feel free to share any other meal ideas that you can make quickly and cheaply. I’m forever grateful to you guys for being supportive and beautiful human beings to me, let’s go on an awfully big adventure together and get through crappy times together, because Lost Kids stick together, always.



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