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50 Good Deeds Anyone Can Do.

I know it’s been a while, and I’m very sorry it’s taken me this long to get back into the swing of things. I’ve had a lot to process and deal with, as you can probably tell. And i’m very thankful for your continued support and love throughout it all. So with the love and kindness that you guys have shown me over the past few months, I’ve made a list of 50 Good Deeds anyone can do to make someone else’s day and help them when they’re down.

1. Smile at someone. 

2. Hold the door open for someone. 

3. If someone drops something, pick it up for them.

4. Compliment someone.

5. Make tea or coffee for a friend or a family member. 

6. Donate to a charity/Church/Temple/Mosque etc.

7. Take time to talk to an older person.

8. Do the washing up.

9. Make dinner.

10. Buy your mother or grandmother flowers – just because. 

11. Donate clothes you don’t wear anymore to a homeless charity. 

12. Give someone you love a hug

13. Text a friend or family member randomly to say you love them

14. Recycle.

15. If you see rubbish on the floor, pick it up. 

16. Spend time with a friend or a family member when they’re feeling down and blue. 

17. Support local events. 

18. Make double of something and give it to someone who needs it. 

19. Pay someone you love but haven’t seen in a while a visit – brighten their day! 

20. Validate someone.

21. Stand up for someone if you see they’re getting a rough time from others. 

22. Forgive someone.

23. Write a letter or a thank you letter. 

24. Give someone an unexpected gift (big or small).

25. Do chores without being asked to. 

26. Donate old books to a school or a hospital that needs them. 

27. Volunteer your time in a place that needs you. E.g a local charity, a local event and so on. 

28. Ring your grandparents / family members that can’t get around as much anymore. 

29. Pay for someone’s meal/ drink beforehand. 

30. Give up your time to talk to people you meet at random, you never know who needs a chat.

31. Take shorter showers and save water. 

32. Remember your manners! Say please and thank you to those helping you. It makes a difference, trust me. 

33. Write a lovely message to a stranger. 

34. Let someone with less shopping than you jump in front of you in the queue. 

35. Let a shop or company know how great their employee(s) work and what they did to make your shopping experience top-notch. 

36. Give your pet or an animal you see on the go some extra love and a wonderful belly rub!

37. Turn off all electricity when leaving the house (if you can). 

38. Make someone a handmade gift.

39. Buy some colouring books and come crayons and give them to a young family on your street. 

40. Keep some fresh water outside for animals, especially in warmer weather. 

41. Listen to someone who needs a shoulder to cry on

42. Make someone else laugh if they’re having a bad day. 

43. Be especially kind to someone you don’t normally get along with.

44. If someone’s short of change, make up the difference with some of your loose change. 

45. Buy a homeless person a warm drink and / or a meal. 

46. Donate to an animal shelter.

47. Help the people you live with by doing simple things like emptying the dish washer. 

48. Take canned goods to a Food Bank. 

49. Help a non-profit organisation that helps a cause you’re passionate about, in any way you can. 

50. Remind anyone suffering that they aren’t alone, and that things will get better. Just be kind.

Once again, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that’s been supporting me recently. I know I suck at updating my blog, but I think I’ll be getting better. At least soon anyway. I hope these ideas for good deeds inspire you to spread some love and positivity around your local community. You never know who might need a little bit of kindness in their day, and a great place to start giving that kindness to them is by you making that small gesture. As always, have an awfully big adventure for me whilst you’re doing your good deeds and spreading the love!



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30 thoughts on “50 Good Deeds Anyone Can Do.

  1. Doing good deeds and spreading kindness and positivity is so wonderful to do and the world really would be a better place if more people did so. Even the smallest kindness can go a long way in making a difference in people’s lives.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s always little gestures from others that make my day! It’s so easy to be kind to others, sometimes we just need a nudge in the right direction 🙂 X


  2. Aww, this is such an uplifting post to read on a Friday!! On a recent trip to Dublin, I had a particularly amazing meal in a small restaurant that’s totally off the map, and I just had to ask the waiter to tell the chef how amazing and delicious everything was. He had such a smile on his face when I said that and turns out he was the owner!! Complimenting someone is always a good deed and these other ideas are so great… I’d love it if we would all be like this to each other – vote for peace anyone?! lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s amazing! I bet they really appreciated hearing your feedback, especially in a place that’s off the map! That must have made all of you feel satisfied 🙂
      I wish we could just vote for peace instead of all the rubbish we’re going through, there’s always next time :’) x


  3. I can’t help but think of the sweet older woman who passed me on the street this afternoon. He smile was the kindest and most peaceful I’ve ever seen. It was the highlight of my day


  4. I absolutely love your 50 ideas! There are so many little things here that could just make someone else’s day, without you having to go to extremes. Lovely idea, and a nice Random Act of Kindness is always a great thing to do xx


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