Handmade Gift Tutorial.

Have you ever wanted to give a gift that means something special to someone you love? But you don’t have the money to splurge out on a private island or to get them everything they’ve ever wanted? If you’re on a budget but want to give someone special something they’ll love and cherish forever, you don’t have to spend money you don’t have on something they may or may not like. Turn to your creative side and get inspired! In this post, I’m going to show you how exactly I made my mum a Mother’s Day present from scratch, without busting my bank account, and how you can do exactly the same thing!

You don’t have to be wildly talented to do this. You don’t even have to be fantastic at art. All you need is an idea, some material and a little bit of thought. I created my mum a frame that says ‘Teulu’. Teulu is the Welsh word for family, and seeing as both mum and myself speak Welsh as our first language and value family more than anything else, I thought it was a fitting word to base my gift on. The gift ended up looking like this.


So, before I even got to this idea, I ended up using Pinterest and searching for ideas. Pinterest is the best way to find inspiration for creative tasks, projects and it’s filled with handy hints and tips to help you on your craft adventure. Here are just a few of Pins I used to gain inspiration.

You can view the pin here!
You can view the pin here!


You can view the pin here!

You can be as creative as you want with your gift. You can design it by using whatever materials you want. I personally used the following.

  • A box frame
  • Cardboard
  • Card
  • Watercolour paint
  • Felt-tip pens
  • Scissors
  • Trinkets and buttons
  • Brushes
  • Glue
  • Ruler

These are all super cheap to get, especially if you look in the right places. I love a good bargain and some good old-fashioned student discount, so naturally I went through those trusty shops and found everything I needed to without breaking a budget of £20. Many of the things like the scissors, glue, ruler, brushes and so on I didn’t need to buy as lo and behold! I had them handily in my home already.

I started by measuring the box frame and the card so it fit nicely into the frame. This is so important as you don’t want any sneaky gaps in your beautiful gift! Then with my card being the right shape I proceeded to paint away. I used blue, pink, purple and green watercolour paints mainly as those are the colours that represent my family, for me they do anyway.


Once my painted masterpiece was completed and set to dry, I turned to the actual lettering of the piece. Now you can either get cardboard letters pre-cut for you, and they only cost about £2 from places such as The Works. Or you can cut them yourself. I bought the pre-cut ones just in case I messed it up, and thank goodness I did! My attempts were too disastrous to even dignify with photographic evidence. So thankfully the pre-cut letters saved me some time and got me powering through the next part.


I used the felt-tip pens to colour the words in. I guess I just love colouring in with pens still. I believe this was messier than the actual painting part! My hands were pink, purple and blue all over. After finishing up the letters I decided to place the letters on the already dried painting and see how it would look. I chose an unusual way to place the letters, after all, if it was perfect, would it really represent family? Once finally happy with the layout I hunted through my new, and old batch of trinkets and buttons. After hunting for quite some time, I finally found ones I was pleased with and finally progressed to one of the last stages of the gift making process.


If you haven’t guessed already, I get messy with every single creative thing I take on. And this gift making project was no different. Already covered in little pain, my hands drenched in felt-tip colouring, now was the time to get sticky with the glue. Thankfully everything went to plan and I didn’t end up gluing myself to the painting… or the table… or chair… or paintbrushes…


I set the painting out to dry once more and began my work on the frame itself. As I’m not artistic, or talented when it comes to art, I decided to keep it basic and just glue on some pretty buttons. Simple, yet effective. That’s how I like to think of it.


A few hours later everything was dry, in place, and ready to be put together! After carefully popping the painting into the frame and sealing it up, my handmade gift was complete. For a first go at doing anything like that, I’m pretty proud of how it turned out. It’s not every day I get to try something new AND be happy with the result. My mum loved it so much she put it on the wall in our dining room, right in the centre where everyone can see it. And for me, knowing that she loves it, takes pride in it and finds comfort in something I did for her, it makes me feel inedible. I finally gave my mum something special and meaningful without straining my funds.


As I’ve said before, you can go as creative or as basic as I’ve gone with this kind of gift! But no matter what you do, it’s the time, effort and thought you put into making it that will make it that more special than just something shop-bought. Have you guys made anything like this before? Let me know in the comments below and tag me in any photos on Instagram! All my social media is linked below. Until next time, have an awfully big adventure!




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  1. JD says:

    Very beautiful!


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