10 Things Working At Lush Has Taught Me. 

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of working in a place that gives you more than just a payslip at the end of every month, then you’re one of the lucky ones. I felt like the luckiest person in the entire world when I was working with Lush. The lessons I’ve learnt, the friendships I’ve made, they’re invaluable. So here are 10 things working at Lush has taught me.

  1. Fight for your rights and your beliefs.

Don’t let anyone tell you you’re not good enough, or that you can’t have something because of who you are. Fight for your rights. Fight for the things you believe in. You’ll have a whole army backing you, trust me.

2. Little things matter.

It’s the little things in life that matter. A smile, a kind gesture, or even seeing a dog in a bowtie. Helping someone if they’re struggling carrying items by offering them a basket is the tiniest of gestures, but makes the biggest difference. Little things in life can make the biggest difference of all.

3. Follow your passion.

If you don’t follow what you’re passionate about, then what’s the point of being passionate about it? If it’s charity, veganism, mental health, art, nature, anything at all if you’re passionate about it, please show it off! Brag about it. Be proud of your passion. Find a way to strive and achieve your dream and goals. If you don’t, you’ll regret it.

4. Kindness and manners are the most important things.

This is a completely obvious one, but it’s also one that a lot of people forget. It’s so easy to be rude or just be ignorant to others around you. But kindness goes a long way, even random acts of kindness (do you see what I did there?) can make someone’s day if they’re being treated like rubbish. Manners are also huge mood lifters. It gives people hope that not everyone is an assbutt.

5. Give back what you take.

If you take anything, give it back. Granted I was thinking of pens and spatulas when writing this one, but it’s quite fitting for life in general. For example, if you take someone’s help, then help another in need when they ask for it. It’s such a simple lesson, but something that’s so important to know.

6. Root for each other and watch each other grow.

In time of need, my Lush family didn’t let me down. In anything I aspired to do, my teammates supported me. Even if I didn’t quite make it, I’d still feel like I’d accomplished something because of the support I had from my pals. If you root for each other, keep the positivity flowing and spreading the love, you will eventually see each other grow into blooming beautiful beings. This is also a really simple way of finding out who supports you on your journey, and who doesn’t. As long as you’re kind and root for your teammates and pals, you’ll be grand.

7. People are just people.

At the end of the day, people are only people. They aren’t monsters or big balls of anger. They’re human beings. They might be rude because they’re having a rather shit day. They might just be that way. It is in no reflection on you or who you are. If someone starts talking to you and they seem a bit ‘odd’ don’t panic! It’s not as if they’re dangerous or going to hurt you. Just spend some time talking to them and if you feel uncomfortable then just politely excuse yourself and distance yourself from that conversation. A lot of people I’ve met through working at Lush have some sort of disability, mental or physical, and they’re usually the best people I’d have spoken to that day. All because I gave them that time and respect everyone should have.

8. I am loved.

I am loved, and it sadly took me years to find this out. Despite having my family reassure me that I am loved and that I am safe, it took me working at Lush and meeting the people I adore with my entire being, to convince me that I finally am loved. I am important and my feelings are valid. I’m no longer facing the world alone with fake friends. I’ve got my family and my honorary family. I need nothing more in life because finally, I have exactly what I want.

9. Be empowered and inspired by the simple things.

Who says the simple things can’t be the most inspiring? Be inspired by the person that stands up for a complete stranger when they’re in trouble. Be inspired by the organisation a person has. Be empowered by your cousin or your friend’s fashion sense and attitude. Enjoy life and don’t think you should fit into a particular stereotype just because someone thinks you should. It’s okay to be different and be inspired and empowered by things that are different from the norm. Be proud of who you are and what inspires/ empowers you.

10. You are free to be yourself.

No matter what anyone says or how they try to make you feel, you are always free to be yourself.  Never try be someone you’re not, because you will have people who love and support you no mate what. I guess that’s all I can say about this one.

These are just a few of things working at Lush has taught me. I hope they can maybe help or give you some reassurance that life may suck, but it’s not too bad when you’ve got the right people around you. Especially when you work with them and spend every single day with them. If you’ve learnt anything meaningful from your current place or work, or from a previous work place, then please let me know below! And until next time, have an awfully big adventure for me.



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  1. Jazz says:

    Ah, Lily! I’m going to miss you working at LUSH, because that’s how we met! But I know this next chapter in your life is going to be exciting and an awfully big adventure. Love you long time x


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