Things My Friends Think Make Me Interesting. 

If someone asks me to say something interesting about myself, I will always freeze up. I don’t really think I’m interesting or that my life is full of exciting and new adventures 24/7. Sure I’ve got a great life, but I can’t pin point exactly what I find interesting about myself. So, I asked a few of my friends to list a few things that they thought were surprising or interesting to find out about me. Here’s what they came up with!

“Lily is afraid of birds when they fly above her.” – This is very true. They can poop on your head at any second without warning and it’s terrifying.

“Lily’s got Jewish family members and is basically Jewish.” – Well, yes, yes I do.

“You can put your legs over your head! That’s pretty impressive.” – Thanks, mother. This is one thing that goes on my CV!

“You laugh at your own jokes and even though it’s kind of sad, it’s still cute and makes me laugh” – I am hilarious, I’ll have you know!

“I think the fact you read tarot cards is pretty interesting. You can kind of see the future with that, right?” – Yes, I can see all with tarot cards! I’m basically the Three Eyed Raven from Game of Thrones. In all seriousness, it’s just pretty cool to have that reassurance from the cards every now and then.

“You’re named after a really cool Jewish urban legend. That’s really cool. You’re kind of immortal because of that.” – Heck yes I am, bitches! Lilith was basically the first feminist to roam the earth and yeah. She also featured in Supernatural and I loved it.

“Lily has a pug. Who owns a pug!?” – Um, I do?!

“I always end up being surprised to find out you’ve got a tattoo…” “You’ve got three tattoos?! Since when?!” – Literally since I was 18 I’ve had tattoos. Come on gal, you know this!

“You end up meeting loads of cool people. Didn’t you meet your hero before? That’s pretty interesting, isn’t it?” – I have met lots of my heroes before. I’ve met the men that saved my life, Gerard Way and Frank Iero. And I’ve met bands that I’ve adored for years such as Hey Violet and All Time Low.

“You are unafraid to be who you want to be. If you want to be punk one day, you will be. If you want to be like Ariana Grande the next, then you’ll do that too. You are Lily and no one can take that away from you.” – This is how life should be. It’s not brave to be myself. It’s just the way life was meant to be. I also love wearing cat ear hairbands like Ariana so…

“Lily is related to David Davies, an Olympic swimmer. I think that’s awesome. She doesn’t do sporty things, but she’ll always reveal that gem when she wants to impress anyone.” – This is hilarious! I only tell people if they mention they’re into swimming or if they bring up the fact they wanted to be an Olympian one day.

“You have so many paranormal experiences I feel like you should be on Ghost Adventures.” – This is also very true. Just call me Zak Bagans.

“I still can’t get over the fact you’re bipolar.”–  This comment was made lovingly. My friend meant that she couldn’t get over the fact that despite having a mental illness, I’m still doing everything I used to do. My illness will never define me, no matter what.

“It surprises me when you make a really sassy or funny comment about something. Who knew you were funny?” – Rude. I happen to find myself hilarious and my sass is an asset to my personality.

“This is something that’s more impressive than anything else, but the fact you binge watched Supernatural and caught up to date with it all within the space of a few months… that’s just the definition of dedication right there. I mean, there’s a million seasons to catch up on, and there you are, ready for the next one. You go girl!” – Nothing gets in my way of achieving a goal! Not sleep, socialising or even leaving my room would have stopped me from catching up with Supernatural! I appreciate your kind words during that time, your support is what got me through it.

“Lily’s a blogger. That’s pretty cool and something that I wouldn’t have thought she’d get into.” – Why not, friend? I write all the time about everything. I even used to write books. I never stop writing. Blogging is perfect for me.

“Dude, you used to dye your hair bright and exotic colours.” – What can I say? I wanted to be a Pink Lady, a unicorn, a punk/ goth/ emo, Gerard way… you name it, I’d have liked to be like it.

“You ran in heels to meet Harry Styles but ended up meeting Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan instead.” – I regret nothing.

“You’ve been on radio so many times! That’s interesting.” – I think that is also pretty cool! Being on radio was a huge deal for me, and it really gave me a passion for getting into that industry.

“Aren’t you Jewish?” – Everyone seems fixated by this fact.

“You’re actually quite mental.” – Thanks, friend. I’m as mental as I need to be for the things life throws at me.

“You used to have your tongue stuck to your gums didn’t you? What’s the name of it? Tongue-tie? See, that’s interesting. I remembered that about you.” – I did indeed have tongue-tie when I was younger. I couldn’t stick my tongue out, whistle (I still can’t do that), roll my R’s and so on. But now I’m unstoppable! I had it removed on Valentines Day in 2013.

“My favourite thing about you is the fact that you’re still being called the Jewnicorn. Your hair stuck up in a unicorn horn style ponytail once and that name has stuck to you like glue for life now.” – Again, I regret nothing. I can assure you, I was most definitely as surprised as everyone else when my hair did that by itself with no haircare aid.

“Lily knows so much about Lush it’s almost as if she’s obsessed.” – It’s almost as if I worked there for two years.

“This is more of something I’m jealous of. The fact you’ve never had a hangover.” – I too am impressed by this. Even after being completely and utterly steaming, I’ve been chill the next day. I guess I’m just gifted.

“You speak Welsh… like fluently.” – It’s my first language so I’d most definitely hope I’d be fluent in Welsh.

“Your seal laugh is the most surprising thing about you. I mean, I nearly pooped my pants when I heard that laugh erupt from your body. Jesus, it’s scary.” – This laugh scares everyone, don’t worry. Even Crowley, Sam and Dean hate it. But, if you find something funny, you may as well laugh and let out the giggles. Be it a hyena laugh or a seal laugh, let it out.

“I love that people still call you Bilith, even after you left sixth form nearly five years ago.” – Yep. Thanks for reminding me of my ship name with Bill. Even though NOTHING HAPPENED! 

So there we have it. Straight from the people that know me the best. They may not be the most interesting facts in the entire world, but if that’s what they remember me for, then at least I’ll be going down in history. Do your friends have any fun and surprisingly interesting facts they remember about you? Let me know in the comments below! Until next time, maybe you’ll find some things out on your own awfully big adventure.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lakc2Naga says:

    Hahaha its amazing…especially that laughing at ur own jokes…👏👏🖒🖒


    1. Lily says:

      That one did make me laugh! Aha!


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