Tales of Bath Review – Lush Spa Cardiff.

Have you ever wanted to be the King or Queen of your very own fairy tale? To crave something we can’t seem to achieve in our day-to-day lives? To experience pure and utter relaxation? Last Monday, that’s exactly what I did. I had one of the most amazing treatments I could have ever imagined from Lush Spa Cardiff (just because I don’t work there anymore, doesn’t mean I’m going to stop going there and spending the majority of my time obsessing over the products)! I indulged myself to the Tales of Bath spa treatment, which I’ve been desperate to try for such a long time.

The treatment itself is based on folk-lore surrounding the City of Bath. Anyone that knows me will know that this is right up my street. Anything to do with folk lore, fairy tales and the such, I’m all over it. So this was most definitely something I had to treat myself to before setting off on an awfully big adventure, I will explain everything you need to know next week.

To begin with, I sat with Charlotte, the head spa therapist, a really lovely, funny and gentle person who is such a laugh to be around. Charlotte explained the idea behind the treatment, told me what to expect, and got me instantly relaxed. Charlotte lead me to the kitchen area, which Lush Spa’s use as a chill out area before and after treatments. Everyone goes to their kitchens to have cups of teas, biscuits and just to generally find comfort, so that’s the general idea behind having a kitchen in the spa. Whilst I sat down and had that briefing about the treatment, Charlotte presented me with a slate that had a handmade lavender and chamomile neck pillow, Therapy? Massage Bar and a lovely storybook with a folk-lore inspired tale inside. All in order to give me the vibe of the treatment I was about to experience.


The story begins by introducing an ancient British Prince, Prince Bladud, that desires to be skilled with magic. He stayed from his kingdom and set off towards the land of the fairy folk. There the story really begins. Throughout the treatment you discover more about the prince’s story and discover characters from the fairy realm, goddesses and magic. What more could you want?


Once I entered the room, Charlotte explained what was going to happen next before she left the room in order for me to get undressed. I wrapped myself up in an oversized dressing gown (my absolute favourite thing!) which was cozy and warm. When I sat down I had a towel which was used as a blanket to cover my legs and feet. This added to the extra comfort factor this treatment included. Whilst I was sat there, Charlotte came back into the room and the treatment began.

The idea of the treatment was to be like water, still, formless, shapeless. The way Charlotte was moving and making my body move made me feel as if I was swimming or floating. I felt like all my stress, worries and tension was just melting away from my body and mind with every movement Charlotte made. It was incredible. I was facing a warm bath with some very exciting spa exclusives placed along the side of the bath, and a beautiful old-fashioned candelabra burning brightly and warmly. I felt like I was Belle from Beauty and The Beast!


When the time came, Charlotte explained that it was time for me to have a private bath, with an exclusive bath bomb you can only find in the spa for the Tales of Bath treatment. Charlotte explained before she left the room that the story of Prince Bladud included the Celtic Goddess, Sulis, who healed Bladud from disease which he then created the springs in Aqua Sulis, located in Bath, in her honour. So she was forever blessed and worshiped via water. Charlotte gave me a beautiful warm drink and something to eat in honour of Sulis and then left me to enjoy my private bath. I was instructed to put the exclusive bath bomb, the Crystal Ball, into the bath with me whilst I got in and welcome Sulis to come heal my mind and body and bring me warmth, happiness, and health.


Needless to say, it’s been a long, long time since I’ve been in the bath and someone’s read a beautiful fairy tale to me. But there I was, 21 years old in sat in the bath, having a fairy tale told to me by a beautiful soothing voice from above. I felt like a queen whilst I sat and bathed. My neck and head were rested gently against the neck pillow from the beginning of the treatment, I felt the warmth and love for life that the Prince in our story must have felt. I could almost go to sleep. It really was as if I was in something out of Beauty and The Beast! The only difference was, the furniture didn’t speak to me during the treatment. I genuinely felt like a queen coming home from a long, daunting adventure. I was at peace.


But all too suddenly, it was time for me to dry myself off and get into the third and final stage of my treatment.


Once dried off, I got dressed appropriately again and climbed into a warm bed where a beautiful comforter pillow awaited me! Again, if anyone knows me really well, they’ll know comfort is my thing. For my birthday this year I actually had a 12ft comforter pillow and sleep with it every single night. It’s better than a boyfriend. So when I ended up cuddling this pillow and laying on my left side, the only thing left for me to do was drift slowly off to sleep whilst Charlotte came back into the room and kick started the third and final stage of the treatment.


The Therapy? massage bar from earlier was melted down so it was beautifully warm and luxurious as it went on my skin. Therapy actually contains both organic shea butter and cocoa butter, both of which are very soothing, moisturising and conditioning on the skin. It also has sweet orange oil which is refreshing and toning for the skin. But my favourite ingredients in the massage bar are neroli and lavender oil. Neroli is a natural anti-depressant and instantly helps relax the mind and body, leaving you calm and peaceful. You guys probably know exactly what lavender does, but here’s just a brief idea if you don’t. Lavender is calming, soothing balancing for the skin, mind and your overall wellbeing and happiness.


As the warm, luxurious oil was massaged into my skin, I was laying peacefully on the side. The purpose for this treatment is for the client to experience ultimate comfort and relaxation. By lying on your side, you’re easing the pressure on your belly and your breathing. So it’s perfect for anyone that may suffer from respiratory difficulties or anyone that’s pregnant for those reasons above. You literally cuddle the comforter pillow, and drift off to sleep whilst the story of Prince Bladud continues. Somewhere within this part of the treatment you drift away with the music, the story and the movements your therapist makes. Everything makes you feel as if you’re swimming around in one of the magical springs the story brings to life. Everything within your body and mind feels like it’s being restored and healed.


When the treatment ended, Charlotte left the room and told me to meet her in the kitchen once more where she’ll be waiting for me with a cup of tea. She told me to take my time, take as many pictures and enjoy the feeling of complete and utter calm and relaxation that was filling me from head to toe. As I lay there looking up at the ceiling, the lights made it seems as if I was floating in a spring / cave ready to be transported back into the fairy tale. But, of course, the fairy tale had come to end and it was time for me to go back and face reality. I took one final look at the room, breathed in the delicious smell that was my home for two years, and said my final goodbye to Lush Spa Cardiff. It was a bitter sweet moment, because just like the story of Prince Bladud, my time at Lush had officially come to an end. It was a very moving experience for me because I embraced the change from the beginning, but was I really at peace with everything that was changing? No. I really wasn’t. But after having my Tales of Bath, I finally realised I was okay with the changes in my life. I accepted them. I finally welcomed them. So with that final thought, I picked up my belongings and left the room. I walked the few steps into the kitchen where Charlotte was indeed waiting for me with a fantastic cup of tea!


Way back in March when the spa opened, some paper / magazine suggested that £110 was too much money to pay to ‘just have a bath in the middle of Cardiff’ – instantly I knew they had no idea what they were talking about. They had not experienced The Tales of Bath for what it was and didn’t really understand that they had much more than ‘just a bath’ and a spa treatment when they visited our spa. During any and all Lush Spa Treatments, I firmly believe you come to terms with life, you accept what’s happening, what has happened and what will happen in your life. And you most definitely experience complete and utter peace whilst you’re there. That’s really what Lush is about. Being ready to look after yourself, your world, your beliefs and having a really fantastic and unique experience along the way. Anyone that says anything different about it, then they’re most definitely wrong. So if you’ve not yet experienced The Tales of Bath, or any of the spa treatments Lush offers, I’d most definitely recommend you do so! Treat yourself, a family member, friend or even your partner to one of the most indulgent and empowering experiences you’ll ever have.

I hope you enjoyed this review of sorts! Leave me a comment below if you’ve experienced a spa treatment from Lush before and what you thought! I’ll look forward to hearing about your very own awfully big Lush Spa adventure!


All photos in this post are mine. Please contact me if you wish to use any of the images above. 


8 Comments Add yours

  1. jenny says:

    That sounds like a really wonderful and relaxing experience.


    1. Lily says:

      It was most definitely one of the best thing I’ve ever experienced! X


  2. Oooh I LOVE the sound of this and since I’m now living in Bath feel I need to try it. What a magical experience!


    1. Lily says:

      Honestly you’d love it! Especially if you live in Bath! It makes you really connect with folky tales and the history of the place. Plus you end up with the most luxurious, pampering experience ever!


  3. Jenni says:

    Oh my goodness what an amazing experience, I would love a day like this

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lily says:

      1000% recommend it! It’s worth every single penny!


  4. Oh that sounds amazing! I love that they finish with a cup of tea as well – little details that make me happy!


  5. This sounds insanely good, I have never heard of this spa, but it sounds lush! The bath looks too cool! x


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