Cut These Things Out Of Your Life For A Much Healthier Mind.

Welcome back Lost Kids! Here’s yet another contributed post all about cutting negative things out of your life in order to have a much healthier and happier mind! I hope you enjoy this really wonderful piece. 

Mental health doesn’t get enough attention, and when it does, it’s usually for all the wrong reasons. So much so that there are millions of people living with mental health issues who are too afraid to speak out or do anything. As a result, they don’t get the help they need, and their condition worsens every day.

Unlike the mainstream media, I’m not afraid to talk about mental health and put an end to the stigma around it. Hopefully, this blog is a safe place for anyone to come and read various articles on mental health. I want to give you advice on how you can resolve your situation or make things better.

This is exactly what I’m doing today as this piece is all about cutting things out of your life that is causing you more harm than good. They may be leading to feelings of depression and anxiety, or other negative thoughts. Cut them out, and see the difference in your mental health.

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Destructive Relationships

We all form various relationships with people in our lives. They can be intimate and sexual relationships or just plain friendships. Either way, a destructive relationship with someone is not good for your mind. What this means is that you might be mistreated by a partner/friend, or they get you to do things you might not be comfortable with.

I think we’ve all had friends during life that maybe do things we know aren’t right or good for us. However, we go along with them because we want to fit in and don’t want to be alone. As a result, it can create a real conflict in your mind as you don’t feel like you have proper friends and constantly get anxious about being alone.

What you need to do is wave goodbye to destructive relationships. Try and find some new friends or a new partner instead. It’s easier said than done, but you will feel a weight off your shoulders for sure. Going to uni is a great opportunity to do this as you can leave your old relationships behind and form new ones there.



If you smoke, then I bet I’m not the first person to tell you to cut it out. Mostly, the qualms people have with smoking is that it’s bad for your physical health. I do not deny this, there is plenty of evidence that proves this point exactly. However, what I’m focussing on is the effect of smoking on your mental health.

That’s right, smoking and mental health go hand in hand. The main issue is that people become addicted to cigarettes and dependent on them. As a result, this changes their mind and the way they think. You can become very irrational and depressed if you don’t have your cigarettes with you. As a consequence, you need to work on cutting them out. You can try and go cold turkey, but this is a very extreme approach. Instead, try weaning yourself off them by switching to alternatives such as e-cigarettes. I know that Vivid Vapours are a brand of e-cig, which can help reduce smoking, and there are others out there too. They help replicate the feeling of smoking without doing any harm at all to your body or mental health.

By eradicating smoking from your life, you will be amazed at the difference you feel in your mind. You’ll think more clearly and have fewer negative thoughts.


Binge Eating

Binge eating is similar to smoking in that most people think the consequences affect your physical health only. However, it’s another one of life’s bad habits that damage your mental health too. Of course, eating too much can lead to weight gain, but it does way more than that.

When you eat lots of bad food, it makes you feel incredibly down and disappointed in yourself. You may look in the mirror and think you’re fat. You can feel disgusted with yourself which leads to eating disorders and other mental health issues. It’s so easy to become incredibly anxious when you overeat as you feel like you’re getting heavier and turning yourself into a pig. Likewise, it’s easy to feel depressed as you hate what you’ve turned into.

Thankfully, cutting your bad eating habits out of your life is the easiest task on this list so far. It’s simple; don’t allow yourself to be in a position to binge eat. Throw out all your snacks and pack your fridge and cupboards full of healthy treats. So, even if you do go on a little binge, you’ll be eating things that are good for you!




Stress is one of the biggest causes of depression and anxiety amongst most people with mental health issues. The worst thing is, they almost fuel each other. Things happen in your life to make you stressed, and this leads to anxious thoughts and feelings of depression. You recognise these thoughts, and it causes you to feel more stressed, adding fuel to the fire.

There’s an almost never ending list of things that can cause stress – different people are affected by different things in their lives. Having said that, tackling stress and cutting it out of your life is the same for everyone. First, address the cause of your stress, try and figure out why you’re feeling this way. As a result, you can try and fix the situation or problem. Furthermore, learn how to relax more and calm your mind through meditation or various breathing exercises.

Cut stress out of your life, and your mind will certainly thank you! Relieving yourself from stress can be harder for some depending on what’s causing stress and how stressed out you are.

If you’re reading this, then there’s every chance you have some type of mental health issue. Whether it’s anxiety, depression, or something else, this article should help you. Hopefully, it’s shown you a few things you can get rid of to better your life and mind. Go through the list and cut out anything that applies to you.

So there it is! I hope you enjoyed this. I found this really awesome to read and contains some really useful information. The things motioned above may not apply to you, but you can definitely see the point this post is making. I hope you guys found this as useful as I did! If you guys want to contribute a post or collaborate, please do let me know. So, until next time, have an awfully big adventure!



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  1. Fantastic article! I’d love to collaborate on something too- maybe mental health related?

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    1. Lily says:

      I’d love to do that! If you want you can drop me an email at or you can find me on any social media via LilyTheLostGirl 🙂


  2. LOVE this! Unfortunately, a lot of this is in my life but I’ve started cutting out unhealthy relationships and there’s a massive difference from that alone.


    1. Lily says:

      It’s not going to apply to everyone! Don’t you worry homie! I’d like to think it’s based on the personal experience of the person who submitted the post 🙂


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