Ask Me Anything! 


About two months ago I posted on all of my social media giving you guys the chance to ask me anything. You most definitely did not disappoint with your questions! Some of you reached out to me privately and publicly via email, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and you had lots to ask. So, I’ll stop the chatting and get to answering your questions, because it is after all, this blogs one year anniversary! So here are all the questions you’ve asked me that I’ve not been able to answer over the last year!a

“How many times has the puppy attacked you today?” – Honestly, the number used to be pretty high, but now we’re best buds and we only play fight. He’s a good egg.

“How are you so amazing and sassy?” – I guess it just comes to me naturally!

“What have you learnt from having a puppy?” – Where can I start? I’ve discovered so many new and brilliant things since getting my boy, Crowley. I knew he would be hard work (in a good way, like a child is, you know?), and that he’d take up a lot of my time. But I didn’t expect to fall completely and madly in love with him every single day as if it were the first time we met. I guess he’s really taught me that life is finally where it should be for me. I’ve learnt that the people need to clean up after themselves! Every single street is littered with crap and that’s just not acceptable. But the biggest lesson I’ve learnt since having him is most definitely what dogs can and can’t eat! He knows what’s bad for him, and he still tries to chow down on the bad food anyway! Naughty doggo.

“What’s the update between you and Sargon?” – So, a lot of people asked this, so instead of writing every single question I’ve had regarding this issue, I decided to sum it up in one sentence and give you all the answer you’ve been craving.

Since the drama with Sargon, life’s just gone on if I’m honest. No one’s come for me, no one’s attacked me physically or even attempted to come to my place of work to harass me. But the threats were there and that was really scary. I’m 21 years old and having some middle-aged guy have his flying monkeys come after me, that was terrifying. But life went on, people forgot, well, most people forgot, and things went back to being normal.

I did involve the police. It was an offence what he did. They did take it seriously, but as I was physically fine, they could only give him a warning. But if he came near me, my friends or family and harassed any of us, they’d be seeing him before he even sent out a Tweet mocking us. I would go into more detail, but obviously, I cannot. I hope you understand that. But I will continue to tell you about the very infrequent drama that’s happened since. Basically, after my post A Shirt That Says Feminist went viral, a lady decided to make an hour-long video discussing the issue. Basically calling me out, saying I had to forgive him and involving the police was ‘too far’ and that I was entilted to my opinions, just as Sargon was, but I was an uptight bitch looking to ruin his life by making ‘something big out of nothing’ and how dare I do this to him when he’s ‘clearly don’t nothing wrong to me’. She spent an hour of her life criticising me and the post I wrote, in a video. Dude, I wrote that post in like 20 minutes. But in her doing that, instead of scaring me or putting me off blogging, or living a life free of fear, she just sent lots of traffic my blogs way. So, thanks!

My blog is apparently linked to a post on Reddit and I also get lots of traffic from there too. But at the end of the day, nothing is developing further. No doxxing, no hate, no threats, just the odd thing here and there, but mostly it’s over. And I hope that settles the need for you all to know what’s been going on regarding that.

Moving on…

“Why did you leave Lush?” – Again, there’s a long, long story behind this. But I’ll just give a brief breakdown of what happened to make me leave a job I’ve loved for almost two years. I was offered a job to work at the BBC (I know, my dream!) so I handed in my notice, cried the entire month, introduced Crowley into the family and had a month to prepare for my new job. But last-minute, when it was too late to do anything, to turn around and tell Lush I really needed to stay, things came to a rather shitty holt. So I was stuck, jobless, hopeless, scared, worried, depressed and most of all I regretted leaving. But things have turned around for me now, and although I still continue to miss Lush with my entire being, I’m thankful that I left when I did because now I’m closer to my dream.

“What are some musicians you want to shed light on for your blog audience to discover?” – I’d love to shed light on people like Camryn, Hey Violet (even though they’re probably getting more attention now than they used to), Jessarae, Bae Miller, and many local Welsh bands too, such as Pretty Vicious, Ffug and so many others!

“What’s your favourite thing about being a blogger?” – I honestly love the freedom it gives me. I can do anything with this blog. I can travel, I can give my thoughts and opinions on things, I can discuss relevant topics and world events. It’s almost like I’m sharing parts of my diary posts with you all, sometimes we can get really intimate and deep with some of the posts on here, but other times we just mess around and have a good time. That’s really what I love about it. To be free to share my life with you all.

“What’s something you really believe in?” – I guess I really believe that things in life happen for bigger reasons than we know of. Be it an omnipotent being, or just some forces working within the universe, events happen for so many reasons. If I didn’t believe that then I’d probably drive myself crazy thinking that my friends died for nothing two years ago.

“Why are you suddenly obsessed with Ariana Grande?!” – GIRL I’ve always been obsessed with her! She is such a sweet person, and has such a genuine and positive message for everyone in the world. Despite everything that’s happened to her recently, she’s still going and she’s still living and she’s still keeping her fans at the centre of attention. Anyone that knows me well will know that music plays a huge part in my life, and I guess I relate more to some of Ari’s songs now than I did about a year ago. So yeah, she’s a positive person and someone I really admire for everything she’s done and been through.

“Do you take your own advice about being organised as a blogger?” – I do indeed! Last week (and I’m feeling this week will be very much the same) I was super busy with work. I came home and I was exhausted, so I hardly had the chance to write, edit, create a featured image for the post, publish the post, promote it, share via social media and do everything else on top. So I’m hoping this week will be better, but who knows. Once I get into the swing of things with work, I think I’ll get a lot better at posting on time again. I hope anyway!

“Do you believe in destiny?” – I guess? I don’t really know what destiny is at the moment. I’ve had so many dreams that I convinced myself were my destinies in life. But looking back, nothing ever felt right , you know? I definitely believe things happen for a reason (as seen above) but would I call it destiny? I don’t know. That’s a good question though!

“Will Trump make America great again?” – I’m not American, I’m Welsh. But I think he needs to stop what he’s doing, take himself away from the White House, take himself away from any type of position of power, and just sit down in a quiet house somewhere far, far away, and let us forget him. He is literally an American horror story. Does that answer your question?

“You love RuPaul’s Drag Race, so what  would be your drag name if you were a contestant on the show?” – I’ve been waiting my entire life to be asked this question! Lilith LeBish would probably be my go to drag name. Lilith – because that’s my real name and I think it’s rad, LeBish because it’s kind of like saying ‘the bitch’ but in a really child friendly way. Sums me up really, doesn’t it?

“You’ve gone AWAL again… what’s happened?! Please don’t give up on blogging. You’ve only just started!” – Mental health my friend, I will be explaining more soon, I promise. I just can’t deal with writing much in a short amount of time which is why I’ve been so slow for the past few weeks. I suck, I know.

And on that note, I’m going to leave things here! I’m so sorry if I didn’t get round to answering everyone’s questions, I’ll be doing a part 2 in a few months so hopefully I’ll be able to answer everything you’ve wanted to know about me! Again, I’m so sorry for being MIA recently, my mental health has just gone down hill and I cannot get a grip of what I need to do to make things better. It’s like I’ve been walking around in mud and can’t move any faster or do anything that requires lots of energy. I hope you all understand. I’m just taking things slow until my head gets a bit less heavy. Thank you all for your questions, and your support no matter what. I’ll be back this week with more! I hope your next awfully big adventure is the best one yet!



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