Why Can’t Female Celebrities Talk Out About Oppression?

I always struggle to think of an appropriate way to open a post such as this one. So I’ll just give you a back story of what exactly has caused me to write this. About a week or so ago, Game of Thrones star Nathalie Emmanuel joined in on the #ForThePussyChallenge on Instagram. With her own unique spin on the challenge Nathalie created a pretty badass rap, exposing the oppression women still face in the work place and in everyday situations. I thought the rap was quirky, clever and shows that it’s not an issue that can be brushed away under a rug somewhere just to be forgotten. In the world where Trump is the President of The United States of America, cases of sexual harassment are getting higher and higher, especially in recent day with Harvey Weinstein, why are people so outraged that a female celebrity has spoken out about the injustice women all over the globe, of all ethnicities, sexual preference, and backgrounds face?


After reading the comments from multiple online sources that shared the video, a lot of people were reacting negatively. And by a lot of people, I mean A LOT. But I want to know why? Why can’t female celebrities talk out about oppression women face? Why can’t they raise awareness of the injustice many unknown, average, everyday women face? Apparently, it’s because they’re already rich and famous and don’t suffer any type of oppression, social expectation and pressure from the media what so ever. At least, that’s according to many people who were quick to react to the rap Nathalie posted.

Many people were seriously asking how Nathalie could be proud of publishing something so ‘off-putting‘ on her social media. Call me slow, but I don’t see what the big deal is? Is it because she repeats the word ‘pussy‘ and takes away the derogatory meaning from the word, and turns it into something empowering? Is it because what she’s saying really does hit home and people are ashamed of it? Or are they just angry because it destroys the idea that misogyny and sexism ‘no longer exist‘? Either one, I still don’t understand what there is to be angry about. If anything, people should be getting involved to either make this ideal world where the pay-gap ‘doesn’t exist‘ and women and men are both equal and have equal rights for anything and everything, or they could simply accept that this is how many women feel and are treated every single day, even if they don’t believe that the ‘pay-gap really doesn’t exist‘, and that the way some girls dress really do look as though ‘they’re asking for it‘ – at least accept that there is a difference to an extent , and maybe accept that the clothes we ware, the makeup we craft, the way we hold ourselves is entirely up to us, and maybe, just maybe, educate themselves on what’s brought these women to the conclusion that there is still more to be done until we are finally seen as equal.

Nathalie Emmanuel not only plays one of the smartest, most stylish, diplomatic characters on Game of Thrones, she really is all of those things in real life. She speaks out about injustice. She voices her opinion proudly and unashamed. She does it all with grace and style that most people lack these days. People forget that as a woman, especially a woman of colour, the hardships she must have faced along the way to get to where she is today, and that place is still very much a white based industry. I doubt very much she will have just forgotten about that because she’s now one of the most recognised actresses out there. How could she not speak up about the oppression women face? How could she not use her voice, which so many people listen to, in order to educate and raise awareness of what other human beings face all because of what they have between their legs and how they identify themselves as? Instead of sitting back and forgetting the hardships she and many others faced on their journey to stardom, instead of just letting it slide, instead of just keeping quiet and not really raising any awareness of what’s happening to thousands of people across the globe, she is speaking out. Nathalie is using her fame to remind us, the public, that sexism is still very real. It’s never gone away, it’s decreased and women have now grown closer to equality than ever, but sexism is still there. Lurking in the shadows waiting for someone to ‘challenge’ it. When you start making excuses for the likes of Trump for his thoughtless comments such as ‘grab her by the pussy‘ and start blaming the women for being abused or having custody over their child – that’s when we need to see something similar to what Nathalie has created. We need to have that reality check so that we can prevent this from continuing in our society.

We can’t just sit back and not speak out about any injustice or oppression we see! Just because someone is rich, poor, famous, unknown, female, male, transgender or anything in between, everyone has a right to be heard and to speak out about what they see as injustice. There are so many points that Nathalie raises in her rap that many women can relate to. It still shocks me when some women say ‘I’m not a feminist because I don’t need it‘ and ‘these feminists keep ruining the fun for everyone‘ – which I found quite a lot of in the comment section of every source the video was published to – but how do they not need feminism? How can you not want equality for all? How can you not want your children, nieces, nephews, cousins, friends children etc to grow up in a world where people are seen as people, where equality is real and that everyone can live a comfortable life without fear or oppression? Feminism, as I’ve stated countless times before, isn’t just about women. It’s moved on from just being about women and ‘the pussy power’. Myself and other feminists are constantly striving for equality between women and men, gay women and straight women, gay men and straight men, cis gendered people and transgendered people, no matter their background, ethnicity, religious believes and so on. We strive for justice and peace, where if the father is the best parent a child should be with, then he should be granted custody, not the mother. If men report sexual abuse, we take it seriously and not come up with the usual bullshit that ‘men can’t be abused by a woman’. If anything, we need this movement now more than ever. This movement has got a lot of people talking about it, it’s also got a lot of people angry and confused. I guess we’ll never really understand why people are so ashamed by a movement that strives for equality for all. Nor will we understand why it gets such a negative reaction whenever someone does something to suggest that they are a feminist. But that’s life at the moment.

Overall, if any female celebrity starts to talk openly about oppression either they themselves have faced, or the oppression that they know happens to their friends, family and so on, they are bound to be belittled and laughed at. Because if you’re rich and famous, apparently you cannot complain or raise awareness about anything whatsoever. Β It’s not just Nathalie who faces criticism due to voicing their opinions on oppression and inequality, but countless other female celebrities face exactly the same thing. So next time you hear something similar about a female celebrity speaking out about injustice, take a step back and evaluate why someone who is under demand to star in shows and films, do interviews on TV, appear on the radio etc – someone who has hardly any time to themselves anymore, has taken the time to make a video, write a Tweet or a Facebook post or taken any type of action to speak out about an issue. Why would they do that if it wasn’t affecting them or many people they know of. If you’ve not seen Nathalie’s rap yet, check it out below and let me know what you think.

I guess that’s it from me today. I’m currently sat at home, wrapped up in bed suffering from a migraine so hopefully by the time you see this, I’ll be off on my next awfully big adventure. I hope you have an awfully big adventure this week, too!




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