I Survived.

Once upon a long time ago
I sat gazing at a setting sun,
wishing I could be another,
someone who does not blunder
or fall down hard
like rain and thunder.

Deep breaths in, 
deep breaths out. 
I whisper ‘there is no need to doubt,’
‘you’re alive and strong
so who cares if it all went wrong?’ 

Battle scars and dried up tears,
is this what it’s like to face your fears? 
Being alone isn’t the worst thing in the world.
Having people around that don’t value your worth,
or value is truly worse than being alone.
I realise that now. 

Sit up taller, head held high,
I did it! 
I made it out alive! 
I’m proud of myself. 

I survived. 

                                                                         ~ Lily Mae


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