19 Goals for 2019.

After 2017, life couldn’t get much worse. Now coming out of 2018, I’m looking back over the past year and I’m so thankful that nothing too major has happened throughout the year. Both Sam and Dean (my hamsters) sadly passed away, I reapplied to stay on at Lush recently – but got rejected (I’m devastated and hurt by their decision), and a few other not so great things happened. So I’m determined to make 2019 bigger and better!

By this time next year, I will have hopefully be able to say I’ve achieved all of my following goals for 2019, with a few additional goals too. Fingers crossed for that! I’ve decided to focus on a few main points in my life to try and get things back on track and to make me feel better emotionally and physically. And do you know what one thing I’ve really missed in 2018? Blogging consistently. So for Christmas, my mum invested in an awesome Bloggers Bible which I’m hoping will keep me on track with all my blogging needs in 2019! Having said that, I’m excited to announce that each new month will bring new themes. January’s Theme is based around self-care! What a better way to start the New Year off?! With that in mind, here are my 19 goals for 2019!

Positive Thinking

So I’m hoping that in 2019 I can start becoming more positive. This is a goal I recently added to this list. As I mentioned above, Lush didn’t keep me on to be a permanent staff member, and although I secretly wished I was wrong, I knew they wouldn’t keep me again. Thinking more positively will (hopefully, and in my opinion at least) reduce the amount of stress I go through on the daily worrying about things that could go wrong. I’ll be kind to myself and not scold myself when I have negative thoughts, it’s about improving my mental state as well as my physical/ financial state too.

Lose Weight

I know, I know, it’s one that everyone says. I’ve set this as my goal every time and never really did anything about it. For starters, I thought if I went to the gym everyone would think I’m just the fat girl trying to be healthy. Before my finances hit rock bottom this year (long story, don’t ask), I had a gym membership and really enjoyed going there and working out. But as the stress kept coming my way, the less I could pick myself up to leave the house to go to the gym. So this year, I’m going to lose weight by being as healthy as possible! A gym membership or not, ya gal will look fine this time next year! (Praying I do anyway).

Write more

Obviously this is a huge goal for me. Not only do I want to write more with this blog, but you may or may not have noticed that I write a lot of poetry and stories. I used to dream of becoming an author. Writing was something I knew I was good at. But life got in the way and I never managed to finish anything I started, apart from the poems. So in 2019, I’d love to focus on writing and finishing projects instead of imagining what could have been with them.

Stay Kind

No matter what happens in 2019, I want to keep being kind. Kindness costs nothing, and no matter if I’m having an awful day, or if I’ve had the worst news I could imagine, I’m not going to be mean or bitter about things. I’m going to be kind. Being kind is always necessary and in today’s society, we need to spread a shit ton of kindness around for each other.

Meet New People

Rowena and Lauren – two of my favourite people I met this year.

This is pretty self-explanatory. I love meeting new people. I do better when I’m around people I like and connect with. For all the toxic people I cut from my life in 2018, I’d like to meet a new person. You never know who’s going to run into your life and change it for the good (or bad, but we’re focusing on the good this year, remember?). The last few months of 2018 I have met a bunch of incredible people, and I’m looking forward to seeing who comes into my life in 2019.

Read More

In 2014 I read about 54 books. Since then, I have hardly made it to 10. So in 2019 I’m going to take it old school and read more. I have so many books I’d like to read and there are even more books I have yet to discover. I’m going to set my reading goal for 2019 as 12 books. One book per month. I think that’s a good goal to start with!


Sometimes I find it extremely hard to budget. It’s a part of my Bipolar. If I’m sad, stressed, anxious or just in a manic episode, I will spend money I just don’t have. In 2019, budgeting for the first time ever, I will hopefully be able to save some money and maybe do something exciting / go somewhere exciting.

Go Somewhere New

If all goes well with my budgeting goal, I will be able to save enough money to go somewhere new. One of my best buds and I are going to see Shawn Mendes in Manchester in 2019. We’ve been to Manchester before, but we didn’t get to explore much of the city. So maybe this will be our chance.
But if Manchester isn’t my ‘somewhere new’, I’m sure something will pop up and I’ll go on an awfully big adventure somewhere.

Practice The Laws of Attraction

This is a bit different from what I’d normally focus on. But you know, new year, new things to try! So, the Laws of Attraction. What on Earth is it? Basically (and extremely simply put), if you focus on positive things in life and send out positive energy into the universe, positive things will come to you. The same applies for negative thoughts, energies and vibes. To attract good and positive things, you must focus on the good and positive things in your life and in the world. I think this will help me with staying positive and keeping my positive thinking goal on track.

Grow up

As a Pete Pan fan, this really hurts to say. But I have to not be so naive and ‘innocent’ in life. I see the good in everyone and will refuse to see anyone as truly awful or bad. That won’t change, but I will be more ‘grown up’ with how I deal with things. I still feel as though I’m in my teens. The majority of those years were robbed from me by my mental health and wanting to die, so I’m just here playing catch up with the other 22 year olds. If I can change to be a little bit more mature and ‘grown up’ I feel like this will help with a lot of my problems in life and it will reduce the amount of heartache and stress I experience.

Express More Gratitude

I guess deep down I’m the type of person that doesn’t really show much emotion. When I’m grateful for something or someone, I usually say ‘thanks’ and that’s that. But I’d like to show more gratitude in 2019 for mundane things as well the really brilliant things in life. Every opportunity, every helping hand, every direction life takes me in, I will be there to welcome it all with my heart full of gratitude for this new adventure.

Find Happiness

It’s no secret that I’ve been very unhappy for a while. In 2019, finding happiness is my ultimate priority. I know what makes me happy (chocolate cake, cups of tea, animals, Brendan Urie and Taylor Swift are just to name a few things), but to find true happiness and to wake up feeling safe, secure and above all, happy, that is what I truly strive for. 2019 will be the year I sort that out and make my small dream of happiness a reality.

Go On Dates With Myself

Again, this is a new idea for me. I used to hate having to sit alone in coffee shops or have a meal alone. Now it’s something I need to do for myself. I’m going to show myself how much I am loved and that I am worth the space I take up. I’ll go get coffee by myself, I’ll go to a park and read by myself, I’ll even go to concerts alone and have fun by myself. Self-Care isn’t just bath bombs, pjs and face masks. It’s about showing yourself you are worth it. That the fight you go through every day is worth it. It’s time for Lily to love Lily for who she is, and the way she is.

Pass My Driving Test!!!

If I don’t do this in 2019 then I am going to go bananas. For someone that was afraid of getting into a car after losing some friends in an accident, I did a huge thing this year and got back into a car and sat my driving test! But I obviously failed, or else this wouldn’t be a goal for 2019. So, I’m getting back behind the wheel and trying again until I get there in the end! Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later because these new train companies are going to drive me insane.

Eat More Healthily

For over a year now my mum has been a vegan. My Step-Dad joined her on her vegan journey and both have been fairly happy and more active since starting this new lifestyle. Although I’ve not eaten meat for years, I’m thinking of having more of a vegan diet than a vegetarian one. Not only do I think the world would benefit from consuming less meat and animal produce, I think it’ll do me some good to get into the habit of eating healthily and preparing meals made from scratch. I’m not going to commit to being a fully fledged vegan because I already have enough issues with eating in front of people let alone asking for vegan options everywhere and assuming I’m being judged. So we shall see how this one goes. I’m excited to see how this goal will hold up and if by this time next year I’ll find it’s been beneficial for me personally.

Spend Less Time Online

I don’t mean by spending time away from my blog. I think I’ve done enough of that for the past year. By spending less time online, I really mean taking a step back from technology. If I’m sad or feeling left out, going online and logging into Facebook to see friends hanging out with each other isn’t exactly the best way to not feel like rubbish. So I’m going to limit the amount of time I spend online with social media, how much time I spend on my phone and computer (bar watching Netflix because dude, it’s Netflix). 2019 I’m going to rediscover human interaction and appreciate the little things in life that don’t always need to be shared online.

Learn A New Skill

Passing my driving test doesn’t count seeing as I know how to drive, I just need to be confident driving during a test. I’m hoping to learn how to crochet in 2019. I’ve got a few people willing to help me with this new hobby and I’m looking forward to getting started! If I start now I might be able to finish one square for a blanket for Christmas next year!

If I could have the opportunity to learn sign language (BSL) or another useful skill that could help me communicate with others, I would relish that chance. Having many skill sets hidden up your sleeve will forever be invaluable. You never know when your skill may come in handy in life.

Take More Pictures

Pictures don’t always need to be perfect or Instagram worthy. But it’s always nice to have something to look back over when you’re remembering that perfect day out. For some reason this year I took very little photos. Even though I didn’t have the most interesting year, there are still things I wish I captured a photo of so I could look back and remember what fun I had with friends, family and colleagues. Even I take a picture with my best friend, I’d rather it capture us being us, than something that gives the illusion that we’re ‘perfect’ or ‘friendship goals’ (even though we totally are friendship goals!).

Shake It Off

As my Queen T once said ‘The haters gonnath hate, hate, hate, but baby, I’m just gonna shaketh, shaketh, shaketh, shaketh it off, shaketh it off.’ (please read the text in italics in your best British Royal Family voice and imagine Taylor Swift saying it exactly like that). Life is going to be awful at times. There will be times where I get rejected for jobs, roles, people and so many other things. But you know what? I’m just going to shake it off. Nothing is worth me stressing over or making myself sick over. Shake all the negativity and dark thoughts off and all will be well. Taylor knew what she was doing by shaking off all the hate, heartbreaks and fake friendships. I intend to follow my gal’s path and allow our reputations to proceed us in the best way possible. (Please tell me someone got the pun there?!)

I hope 2019 brings you so much love and joy and happiness, Lost Kids! Do you have any goals for 2019? If you do, let me know below! I’d love to see what you guys have planned for the New Year. I hope you have an awfully big adventure in 2019. So for now, that’s the last from me for 2018. It’s been wild.


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Emma says:

    You go girl – you are strong independent young woman who is going to take this world by horns and show it Lily …. Maybe we can help eachother 💕💕💕💕

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Lily says:

      Thanks Emma! Sending you lots of love! X


  2. Great goals! Really agree with taking more photos – I find that I only take photos of the big events and forget about the everyday things! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lily says:

      Aah that’s awesome! I’ve downloaded an app that captures 1 second of every day so hopefully that will encourage me to take more pictures / remember the small things. What are you looking forward to taking snaps of
      this year?


  3. Charlotte says:

    Hi Lily, you seem like such a lovely young woman! I share quite a few goals with you this year. I would love to enjoy exercise again and loose some weight in the process. I regularly eat out on my own and let me tell you, it feels rather liberating! Good luck with 2019! X

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lily says:

      Hey Charlotte! Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I can’t wait to have my first ‘Me Date’ and take care of myself, I’ll let you know how it goes! Good luck to you and your goal of exercising again this year! I’m sure you’ll rock it! X


  4. Great ideas, i agree on spending less time online. I put on the screen time, and i realised that i spent approximately 2 hours each day, that’s so much! cheers to better time management girl, spreading love xX

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lily says:

      I feel that! I sometimes dread to think what my screen time will show on a Sunday! Hope you have a rocking 2019! XX

      Liked by 1 person

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