A Friend Like You

Hello, hello, hello! First up, I just want to apologise for not keeping to my new posting schedule. I’ve got the flu / sickness bug that’s going around and I’ve not been able to face writing anything for a week or so now. I hope you guys understand. But I’ve got a bit of life in me right now, so here I am, giving you a new post.

Keeping to the theme of self-care this month, I wrote a poem about friendship. A while back, I posted about why it’s important to cut toxic people out of your life, which you can find here. Why is this relevant I hear you ask? Well, a big part of self-care is making sure you’re surrounding yourself with people that know your worth and treat you with the respect you deserve. If you stay in harmful relationships / friendships – your wellbeing and mental health will go down the drain. And that’s not something you need or deserve! So I hope when you read my poem, you’ll think of a friend that’s pure, always has your back, truthful, trusting, kind and most of all, willing to do this whole life thing by your side.

Friendship isn’t something you can buy, 
There will be joy and laughter, 
Many paths you must try
One of you might need a good cry, 
But a true friend never says goodbye,
They’ll stay with you forever, 
They’ll teach you how to fly. 

A true friend will keep you going,
Their support never slowing,
They say the right things, 
Without even knowing,
Their words are a comfort, 
Including those that aren’t sugar-coated. 

Only true friends know what makes you smile,
And how to lift your spirits too, 
So this poem is to say, 
I feel so fortunate to have a friend like you. 

I hope you enjoyed! Let me know who you thought of when you read this poem. It could be your best friend, your mum, dad, brother, cousin, or whoever! If you liked the poem and would like to see more of my work then please do let me know in the comments below. So until next time, have an awfully big adventure!

*Please note that All Rights Reserved for this written piece of work created by myself, Lily G.D. The poem is subject to copyright. If you’d like to use the poem as a whole or parts of the poem then please contact me directly. All contact information is placed at the bottom of each page. *


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