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A shirt that says Feminist.

So February isn’t my favourite month of the entire year, just because for a few years running I ended up in hospital and had major/ minor surgery on Valentine’s Day. But it really became the worst month of the year this weekend just gone. I went to work, first time being back in store since being in London for the Lush Summit. Everything was fine and dandy. Did a party with a group of really amazing girls. Got in the car to go home… and that’s when shit hit the fan.

I opened my phone to be greeted by what seemed like thousands of messages about how some misogynistic ‘YouTuber’ had come into my store and taken a photo of some girl who wore a shirt that said feminist that day. Who was that girl who wore the feminist shirt, I hear you ask? It was of course, me. So this piece of crap came into my work place, took my photo without my consent or knowledge and posted it online with my place of work for his trolls to find me and harass me. He incites hate, abuse and didn’t even bat an eyelid when they suggested to rape me…. They made fun of my weight, which is hilarious because they’re all bigger than me by far. They made fun of the fact that I was doing my job, I mean, God forbid I go to work and actually do my damn job. What really made me laugh was, I served his wife because she and his kids really love Lush! So the scumbag saw I was talking to his beloved wife and still decided to proceed with his awful, awful intentions.

So from that moment onward, I became a warrior. As did my mum, my colleagues, my friends, family, and…. PEOPLE I HAVE NEVER MET BEFORE! People rallied to my side. Protecting me. Standing up for me. How insane is that?! My photo, has gone GLOBAL! My story has been seen by thousands upon thousands of people! I never thought this would be a direction my life went in, but here we are. People from America, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Canada and so many other places have contacted me asking me if I’m okay, asking what the hell happened. They’ve been fighting my corner. Dealing with these extremists that have been rumoured to attempt to stalk me in person and threaten physical harm towards me.

My friend Jazz has been a complete Goddess with all of this. She wrote a post, she’s been defending me even after I’ve blocked the haters, she’s even looking into starting a campaign to get people like this person off of social media. My friend Rach, who is also a friend of Jazz’s, has offered to teach us some basic self-defence moves. It’s all been so crazy with the amount of support and love and strength that has come toward me because of this disgusting human being and his actions.

A little bit of a back story for you, the person that posted (and then eventually deleted) the picture is called Carl Benjamin. He lives in Swindon and had a wife and two kids. He is well-known for inciting hate crimes against women, people of colour, Jews (which is ironic because, shalom brother, I have Jewish family), and basically has Neo-Nazi views. Should say enough about him right? Well, if you’re not sure and are still sat on the fence about whether we’ve misinterpreted the comments, the post or whatever, he told MP Jess Phillips that he ‘wouldn’t even rape her’…. Classy. He’s a big bully and I’m glad this has happened to me in some kind of weird way. Because if it wasn’t me, it would be someone else. And I don’t know many people who will look him in the eye and tell him he’s a coward and he needs to be stopped. Because I will do this. I intend on facing him, his wife, his family and telling them he is a coward that has put my family, my colleagues and myself in danger because of his stupid tweet to appease his Nazi like followers.

It doesn’t surprise me that he endorses comments like ‘let’s rape her’ or ‘she should be shot’. Let’s just take a quick look back at what I did exactly to cause such an angry response from his followers.

  1. I’m chunky yet completely funky.
  2. I have Jewish family, but that’s not obvious unless you know me?
  3. I served his wife in my store, because it’s my job aka I get paid to sell people bath bombs.
  4. I wore a shirt that said ‘feminist’ which is clearly something he and his followers don’t agree with.

The cause for all of this abuse, harassment and extremely severe threats coming my way, was a simple black and white shirt that had ‘feminist’ written on it. Wow. I’m surprised my mother even let me out of the house wearing such an offensive piece of clothing. I mean, how could I support a movement for women’s rights as well as a cause that fights for EVERYONE and will not rest until every single person, every single age, gender, race, sexual orientation etc, is EQUAL? It’s unthinkable to be an activist in a world where there’s so much injustice and inequality, right?

People have made me aware that people are attempting to go to my place of work and trying to find me. I have no idea who they are, what they want with me, if they want to support me or beat me up. That in itself is terrifying. Are these people the ones that want to rape me? Kill me? Or do they want to stand with me in solidarity? Either way, it’s creepy and unnerving to hear that people are actively seeking you out in person after something like this has happened. So not only do I have to worry about the colossal amount of abuse I’m getting online, I have to now worry about my own physical safety. Thanks, Carl.

Since the incident on Saturday, Carl has created a video, not addressing me, but my place of work ‘apologising’. He stated I was ‘caught in the crossfire’ – yes Carl, because YOU posted MY PICTURE for YOUR FOLLOWERS to see along with MY PLACE OF WORK knowing full well they are the type of people to PHYSICALLY HARASS people YOU disagree with as well as HARASS THEM ONLINE. So yeah, I guess you could say I did get caught in the crossfire. But now I’m here, now I’m involved, bitch, I won’t let this go. He stated it was my shops fault for ‘making me wear’ the shirt, ‘forcing their beliefs on customers’. Lemme stop you right there, buddy. I CHOSE to wear the shirt because it is in fact, what I believe in. It doesn’t excuse your disgusting behaviour, nor does it excuse the way your followers have tried to exploit me and ruin me. My shop, my company, my managers, even my supervisors don’t control what I wear. They can disagree with what band shirt I wear because they’re more heavy metal than punk fans, but other than that, they don’t tell me what to wear or what not to wear. We have this statement thing that tells customers and employees what LUSH stands for. It’s called ‘We Believe’ and I’m pretty sure there’s a ‘we believe in freedom of speech’ and ‘we believe in equality for all’ – so I respect you for voicing your opinion on feminism. However, your opinions are fascist, bigoted and more than anything, misogynistic which is utterly disgusting. Why you gotta hate on everything man? By the way, I don’t accept your apology. I am however thankful that you’ve asked your followers not to contact me or even go near me. Can that extend to my colleagues and friends too? I also am thankful that you’ve acknowledged that what you’ve done is quite frankly, shit. But your apology does not quite meet the social requirements that contributed to an acceptable and genuine apology. I’m sure you can Google how to write a sincere apology.

I’m a 20-year-old female from South Wales who wants to be able to get paid the same amount as her younger brother (when he’s able to work obviously), I want to be able to be paid the same amount for the same job I’m doing as my male colleagues (which I do, but if I ever had to leave my store I might not). So what’s wrong with me being a feminist?

In the early 1900s, women were advocating for equality the right to vote. Feminism originally comes from the suffrage movement from which our fight as women began. The movement obviously focused around women’s rights seeing as men, whom have never been oppressed by women or anyone at all for that matter, haven’t faced the struggle or the oppression women have, and have the rights and privileges women didn’t and to a shocking extent, still don’t today. They basically had everything women didn’t. However, it’s now 2017, Feminism benefits EVERYONE. Rights and equality for all women, women of colour especially as there is still a huge issue with racism even in this time where we’re all meant to be equal, disabled women, women of various sexual orientations. But why stop there? As the years went on and time progressed, Feminism became a movement that benefits women AND men. Who fights for more custody rights for dad’s during divorcing periods or just custody battles in general? Feminists. Who campaigns against discrimination against disabled men and women? Feminists. I could go on, but I feel like this has proven my point. Most of all, Feminism became an opponent to the oppressive measure of the patriarchy and our patriarchal society. People are afraid of being a feminist because they’re worried of being seen as a threat to the patriarchal society, or what is considered the ‘social norm’. Even though like all things in life, this movement has EVOLVED and stands for total justice and equality for all. Do you see why I’m a feminist now? Or do we still see an issue with it?

Despite all the negativity coming with speaking out about my beliefs, I found countless, incredible people who have made YouTube videos about my story! I think that’s insane. How did I, Lily, end up as topic interesting enough for a YouTube video?! These people making videos in support of me are completely rad and I’d be so happy to link you guys the videos if you asked me to. I don’t want to link anything on here just in case anyone decides to leave hate comments in these people’s videos, which is just not nice and I won’t let people do that to others. Of course, people have made rather negative videos about the situation, saying that because I’ve involved the police I’m ruining Carl’s life.

Do you know what, minions of Carl’s? I really don’t care. He didn’t care nor did he think twice before posting my picture and my place of work out there for his abusive and absolutely abysmal followers to see. So why should I take pity on him? Because of his family? What about my family?! My colleagues?! The police are well aware of who he is, and no matter what happens, I won’t be resting until he goes down and is punished for what he did to me and has done to countless other women (and men for that matter). Other people who were only doing their jobs. Other people who he’s managed to ruin their lives. Carl, hun, you won’t do this to me. You won’t ever do this to someone else. Because this ends with me. I’ll make sure it ends with me, even if I have to take you to court and personally see you into a cell for inciting harassment and online abuse and encouraging rape culture. Your reign of terror, hate, abuse, misogynistic ideas and your normalisation of rape culture will be destroyed. And I, a 20-year-old female, who is chunky yet funky, who has mental health issues, who is a feminist, who is an advocate for mental health and women’s rights, will be the one to start the end of that reign you have going on. Just you watch me.

The police are involved and I don’t know what’s really happening at this current time. And even if I did, I doubt I’d be able to go into much detail about everything. But believe me, I’ll definitely be keeping you all up to date on this entire shitstorm that Carl started.

Yesterday, I felt deflated. I felt almost hopeless. But you know what? There’s worse things that could have happened to me. If anything it’s been pretty great as so much traffic has come to my social media accounts and to my blog of course. For Carl, unfortunately. He did sadly target the wrong person. In the wrong shop. At the wrong time. Because we won’t forgive or forget. We may be small, but we are mighty. I’m not doing this for myself, but for everyone that has ever been a victim of abuse, sexual harassment, physical or online harassment, sexism, racism, or even just a victim of Carl Benjamin and his minions. Or bullies I should call them, as that’s what they’re really called. I’m doing this for everyone that hasn’t felt strong enough to stand up to him, or anyone that’s caused them this much distress. I’m doing this for the women and men that face discrimination and hate on a daily basis due to their appearance, beliefs, religion, gender and so on. This is my awfully big adventure. You can stand with me and support the rights for every single person and stand up against the cruelty that Carl Benjamin has brought into my life and the lives of so many others, or you can stand in the way of progression of society.

To everyone that’s sending love and positive vibes, I’m sending them right back at you! Until next time, have an awfully big adventure and FUCK PATRIARCHY! EQUALITY FOR ALL! 


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My Favourite Lush Products!

We all love a bit of Lush, and I’m sure we all have our favourite products! Since working there I’ve had the upmost pleasure in learning even more about my favourite Lush products. So I thought, why not tell you guys what my favourite products are (in no particular order) and why! You never know, you might just be reading about your new favourite thing.

Rub, Rub, Rub – Shower Scrub. 


Rub, Rub, Rub is a beautiful shower scrub that contains rich mineral sea salt that not only is a beautiful exfoliant, but it’s also an antiseptic. So it’s perfect for soothing and rejuvenating your skin. With added lemon oil you can use this beauty in your hair to give it extra volume, texture and a beautiful, healthy shine that it deserves. I first tried this about a year and a half ago, and I’ve been obsessed ever since. I adore the soft velvety feeling Rub, Rub, Rub leaves on the skin and can never get enough of it. The smell is incredible and almost ocean-like. It’s an extremely luxurious shower scrub that will make you feel amazing!

Retailed at £8.95 – 330g Tub. 

Sunnyside Bubble Bar. 


Do you ever feel like you’re bathing in pure melted down gold? Do you ever feel like a mermaid when you have a bath? If not, then you need Sunnyside  reusable bubble bar in your life. Sunnyside has beautiful lemon oil, tangerine oil and sweet wild orange oil to lift up your mood and enrich your day. But if that’s not good enough, it even has plastic free gold lustre which makes it look like Neverland’s magic lagoon has relocated to your bathtub. I remember the first time I saw this bubble bar in action – it’s safe to say that my mind was well and truly blown. It’s one of my favourite Lush products because of how surprising and unique it is. It makes me very happy whenever I use it.

Retailed at £4.95.

American Cream Conditioner. 


My hair has been through hair hell over the past few years. From constantly cutting, dying, styling, drying, curling, straightening and penultimately not brushing it. So it obviously needs some TLC just to ensure I don’t go bald within the next five years or so. American Cream is a delicious smelling conditioner that contains fresh strawberries that are rich with vitamin C that help cleanse the hair. Honey water for the antiseptic and soothing aspect for the hair. And of course, lavender and clary sage that will sooth and calm the scalp. So if you think your hair needs a little bit of TLC with a rich and nourishing conditioner, why not give American Cream a go?

Retailed at £4.95 – 100g bottle. 

Mask of Magnaminty – Face and Body Mask.


This is my ultimate favourite product that Lush has ever made! Mask of Mag is full of peppermint oil which stimulates the skin and blood flow, perfect for breakout prone skin. It also contains honey water, primrose and aduki seeds to cleanse and gently exfoliate the skin. All these ingredients combined leaves you feeling uplifted and your skin feeling flawless. All you have to do is leave it on for about 5-10 minutes, gently rinse it off with a warm wash cloth and Bob’s your uncle! You can also pop it on the rest of your body if you’re like me and get random and annoying spots and breakouts elsewhere on the body. I’ve recommended this to all my friends and so far everyone has loved it. If you fancy giving this beautiful face and body mask a try then definitely pop into your local Lush store or look online and grab yourself a beautiful pot!

Retailed at £6.25 -125g tub.

Sultana of Soap. 


This soap is one of my ultimate favourite things from Lush! It smells like clean washing thanks to a mixture of dried currents, dried cranberries, dried apricots and olibanum oil. This not only makes for a gorgeous smelling product but it also leaves you feeling moisturises and beautiful after every use! Sensitive skin? Dry skin? Young or old skin? This soap is perfect for everyone! And one of the many reasons why I love it so much. If you’ve ever tried Blackberry Bath Bomb or Catastrophe Cosmetic Fresh Face Mask and loved the smell of them, you’re guaranteed to fall in love with this beauty of a soap. It shares the same sweet and fresh smell as both Blackberry and Catastrophe Cosmetic. So why not give it a try, and see what you think of this stunning gem? I promise, you won’t be let down!

Retailed at £3.50 – 100g.

The Comforter (Shower Cream). 

Lush The Comforter Shower Cream.jpg

Who doesn’t want to smell like a they’ve been dipped in fresh and beautiful black forest berries every time they jump in the shower?! My favourite shower gel/ cream Lush do is The Comforter. It’s absolutely stunning with cassis absolute (the source of that blackcurrant aroma), uplifting and cleansing bergamot oil and moisturising almond oil for the skin AND HAIR! This really does smell incredible and really stimulates your senses. I feel warm and comforted (forgive the pun) every time I use this shower cream and honestly, I can’t get enough of it. It’s such a popular smell, we actually turned it from just a bubble bar into this luxurious shower cream so it could be there for all of its fans. If you’ve tried the bubble bar but not the shower cream, why not pop into your local Lush and experience The Comforter first hand with all of it’s berrylicious scent.

Retailed at £4.95 – 100g bottle. 

Twilight Bath Bomb. 


Anyone that knows me really well will know that I suffer incredibly badly with insomnia, and I’m constantly on the look out for something that will help me drift off to sleep quickly, easily and without messing up my body clock. Thanks to a combination of things, I’ve been able to target my insomniac hell by using lavender scented products. One of the most successful products that has helped me is Twilight Bath Bomb. Twilight is a beautiful bath bomb that is inspired by the change from evening into night – the colours change from being fairly bright to a lovely dark ‘twilight’ colour. It’s jam packed full of beautiful French lavender which is renowned for it’s part in aromatherapy to treat insomnia. It’s calming and helps clear the mind of any stress or worry from the day and makes sure you’re ready for your nice and snug bed at the end of the evening. The benzoin and tonka absolute are there to stimulate thoughts of warm creamy/ milky drinks that further help you sink into that much needed rest. If I could have Twilight scented everything, I would. But for now, just the bath bomb will do.

Retailed at £3.75

Coalface – Facial Soap. 


My skin can be terrible at times! Especially in those awkward months were it’s just transitioning from warm to cold. My skin tends to break out and get super oily at times. I was trying so much but hardly anything was helping, then my best friend, Cerys, recommended using Coalface – a soap she used to keep her skin glowing. So I had nothing to lose and I decided to try it. Cerys, as usual was right! I really fell in love with this product and have been using it ever since! You can probably guess by the name alone that it contains absorbing and cleansing charcoal so that any oil on the skill will be sucked up straight away. It also has natural antiseptic rosewood oil to combat those nasty break outs, and of course sandalwood oil to give it that beautiful natural earthy smell. Not only will this soap help with any break outs on the face, but you can even use it all over! If you’re feeling like you’re at a brick wall when it comes to your skin, you should pop into your local Lush and see if Coalface is the one for you. You never know if you don’t try.

Retailed at £5.95 – 100g.

Charity Pot – Hand and Body Lotion. 

Charity Pot Lids C_0.jpg

This is one of the products Lush sell that I absolutely adore not just because of what it does, but because of what it helps provide for other people. It’s not just perfect for any type of skin, but we give 100% of the profit, minus the VAT to small grassroots organisations that would benefit from a little something extra. Not only does it have fair trade Shea butter and fair trade olive oil, but it also have a balancing, uplifting and antiseptic rosewood oil to sooth and nourish the skin.

I used this to help heal my last tattoo and honestly, it reduced the pain and discomfort greatly! This is definitely a perfect idea for a gift or a treat for yourself or your loved ones.

Retailed at £3.50 – 45g tub. 

Eau Roma Water – Toner Water. 


I cannot recommend this product enough! It’s a very gentle, soothing product that contains lavender water and rose water that will reduce redness, calm and soften the skin, as well as give balancing features to the skin. You can use this at the end of your night time routine and clear up any traces of makeup, cleanser or dirt on the skin, or you can use it to freshen up every now and then with a quick spritz. Since using this on my skin, I’ve felt so much calmer and my spots have reduced so much!

Retailed at £4.50 – 100g bottle. 

Big Blue Bath Bomb. 


To further experience being a mermaid in the bath, then you HAVE to try Big Blue! The sea weed inside is absolutely perfect for cleansing the skin and helping you drift off into the seas of Neverland. The fine sea salts soften the skin and act as a natural antiseptic so you will feel like Ariel herself when you embark on this Big Blue journey. Containing lavender oil to clear your mind from worries and lemon oil to uplift and cleanse the skin, you can’t really beat this beauty of a bath bomb. There are things you can’t beat, and Big Blue is one of them. We even make this beautiful bath bomb in our parties that we hold in Lush stores. If this sounds like something you’d fall in love with, pop into your local Lush and grab yourself a Big Blue, and why not ask about the parties we offer too! They’re super fun and so enjoyable for everyone no matter the age.

Retailed at £3.50.

Buffy Body Butter. 


Have you ever wondered if there was such a thing that helped with random outbreaks on the body? Or to reduce redness and the aggressive looking stretch marks? Well Buffy is here to slay those pesky concerns! I adore Buffy as it has both Shea and Coco butter in it which not only moisturises the skin but it also softens and conditions the skin like the badass Buffy is. It also provides that well deserved gentle exfoliant with ground rice and almonds which leaves you feeling utterly brand new. The lavender inside of Buffy is a great addition as it’s antiseptic and calming for your skin. Perfect to slay demonic skin when you’re feeling a bit fed up! It’s great for all types of skin seeing as it’s gentle, calming and soothing with very gentle and soft ingredients jam packed inside. I honestly love this product and couldn’t live without it.

Retailed at £6.75 – 90g. 

It was super hard trying to narrow down my favourite Lush products as the list can and probably will, go on forever. But for now these are the things I absolutely adore that aren’t seasonal! I’ve popped the lowest price/ size of the products below the descriptions just in case any of you fancied trying some of these beautiful products! You can of course get them in larger sizes in store and online if you wish. If you have tried any of the things listed above let me know! And let me know what your favourite Lush products are in the comments below! Until next time, have an awfully big adventure!


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I’m Thankful For…

Last Summer when things got too much for me, I decided to try and remain calm by reminding myself of all the things I’m thankful for. Sometimes I feel utterly lost and alone, and then, because of that genius idea, I get to look back on all the things that have made me thankful, happy, stronger and overall better. So I thought, why not share what I’m thankful for at the moment.

1)  My Mum


I will forever and always be thankful to my mum for everything she’s ever done for me. She’s my rock, best friend, therapist, confidant, landlord, hamster grandma, but best of all, she’s my mum. I know I’ve put her through hell and I probably still do, but she’s never once given up on me, not through the physical illnesses I had years ago, not through the mental health saga that is my life, not through deciding to leave school, even when I suggested leaving university, she was cool with it. I’ve always got her to see me through the dark days, to hold me when I’m sick, to watch me grow and to pick me up again if I fall. I hope she knows just how grateful I am for her. I love her endlessly and I could never be without her by my side.

2) Cups of Tea. 


They are the be all and end all for me. Tea makes everything a little bit less painful. A break up? A loss? Feeling ill or down? Tea might not solve the problem nor will it bring anyone back from the beyond, but it always soothes the soul. I’d be completely lost without my cups of tea. Cups of tea made right are always something that cheers me up, and something I will always be thankful to be offered.

3) My Stepdad’s Parenting. 

My Stepdad, Mark, is always either annoying me to the brink of me throwing a frying pan at his head, or he’s being incredibly sweet and caring and fatherly. But either way, I feel like I can always speak to him about things that are bothering me and I know he’ll have some story in return that’ll make me feel better about the situation. Sure we argue, but who doesn’t argue with their parents? To know when to make me a cup of tea without saying a word is a talent, and one he has down to a T. To know what means a lot to me, and to accept my illness and still be supportive and caring is something only true father does. I’m blessed that I have two dads, both are pretty awesome. But Mark, he’s the one that makes the best cups of tea and has probably the most chilled our parenting style ever.

4) Showers.


I’m usually a bath princess but when you really need to clear your mind, showers are the way forward. I don’t really know what it is, but that feeling of being cleansed by the running water really clears my mind and helps me focus on the here and now, rather than the possibility of the future or the mistakes from the past. Plus, washing your hair feels amazing when you feel like crap! You’re almost washing the bad thoughts out of your mind!

5) Thom and Andrew. 

Thom (back) and Andrew (sunglasses)

Thom and Andrew are two of my closest friends and I absolutely adore them to pieces. They always have been supportive and loving. I feel like they’re my family and I’m theirs. They give me joy and comfort, advice and ideas, friendship and love. When times get tough, I know I will always have a message waiting for me from Andrew to cheer me up. When I need backup or have my confidence knocked, I know without a doubt Thom will not only be there to help me back on my feet, but he will also defend me until he’s out of breath. Those two incredibly good-hearted lads mean the world to me, and I make sure that everyday they know I love and appreciate them so much.

6) Lush.


I have always loved Lush, and I will continue to always love Lush. But since working there, my love and respect for everyone that works with us has grown immensely. I feel utterly at peace and at home whenever I walk through the front door. Not only do Lush create and sell incredible products that help with everything, working there has given me the strength and confidence to move forward with my life. Despite having a mental illness, I feel capable, accepted, welcomed and trusted in Lush. My coworkers are like a second family and I honestly cannot be more thankful to Lush. Working at Lush makes me feel like I’m doing something productive and something that others benefit from. That’s honestly one of the best feelings in the entire world and I can’t thank Lush enough for giving me the opportunity to do that.

7) Dogs. 

My very own Darcie Dog.

If you don’t know me, then you’ll probably not know that I absolutely adore animals. Especially dogs! Dogs are everything to me and whenever I see a dog or I get the chance to pet one, I go out of my way to keep the day positive and happy because, why would bad and negative things happen when dogs are around? Dogs are good and pure and I’m just very thankful that they’re in this world. I’m thankful that my dog is awesome even if she does hate me sometimes.

8) My Dad. 

My Dad will always try crack a smile out of everyone no matter the situation. Recently, with my granddad being ill, he has been suck a rock to me and my grandma. He’s been keeping everyone going and keeping us all hopeful. I know he tries his best in every single situation and honestly he’s someone that I’m utterly proud to have in my life. He may be the world’s biggest dad joke teller, but at least I get to hear those cheesy puns on a daily basis – and you never know, somedays a cheesy pun is exactly what you need to hear! My dad will always give advice and be supportive of everything that I decide to do. And I just hope he knows that I truly am thankful for him. Always.

9) My Granddad. 

Me and Grumpy Gramps

My Granddad has been very sick recently, but we know he’s on the mend seeing as he’s telling everyone that he needs a ‘dump’ and someone to wipe his arse properly! It’s little things like that, that really make me appreciate my Granddad even more. Not only is he a strong fighter, he’s also hilarious and comes out with golden sayings like that. He’s always encouraged my choices and has supported me no matter what. And for that, I can never ever express how grateful I am to have him in my life.

10) My Hamsters (Sam and Dean). 

Sam (pale) and Dean (dark)

My beautiful hamsters have been such a blessing in my life. Animals are natural antidepressants for me. Sam and Dean (yes they are named after Sam and Dean Winchester, fight me) calm me down and they ground me into the moment. In the middle of an episode, I can be sobbing uncontrollably, on the brink of a panic attack or about to spend all of my money on crap I don’t need. But my hamsters, they remind me to keep calm and to look after myself like I’d look after them. They bring me natural joy and make my day even better just by having them in my life. I’m just so grateful that I’m able to have Sam and Dean and to be able to call them mine.

Those were just 10 things that I am extremely grateful and thankful for in my life at the moment. I’m thinking about making a post like this every now and then to ensure everyone knows who and what I’m grateful for. Obviously Everyone mentioned above will continuously be on the list, but I’ll be making sure new people and things feature in new posts. If you’re having a hard time at the moment and are struggling to find the good in life, just think of all the things you’re grateful for. They can be as simple as water, your bed, a TV show, a pet, cheese or whatever else you’re thankful for. If you decide to make a post like this, let me know! I’d love to see what you guys have to say. Until next time, have an awfully big adventure for me.


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Last Minute Stocking Fillers.

Have you guys gotten your Christmas presents sorted? (I haven’t!) If you have and you’re just looking for some final touches to the perfect Christmas hamper for your loved ones, then I have a few rather lovely suggestions. However if you’re like me and haven’t even made a dent in the 74th Annual Hunger Games…. I mean, Christmas shopping, then fear not! We’ll do this together! You can use these suggestions as inspiration to help you get those lovely gifts.



Who doesn’t love a bit of chocolate at Christmas time? If your loved one is chocolate-mad then popping a selection of chocolates in their stocking is a really lovely idea, and something you can’t go wrong with! Lots of chocolate brands do selection packs at Christmas time so find out their favourite and go chocolate hunting! And treat yourself to a bit of chocolatey goodness while you’re at it!

Yankee Candles (small).


Yankee candles come in all scents and sizes. The smaller sized candles they offer are just as delicious smelling as the rest of them! Not only can you get really warm, comforting smells that can chill our your loved one, but they can really brighten someone’s day. I like to light a candle after a rather stressful day so that I can settle down, read a book, and be surrounded by a gorgeous smell! They’re also rather lovely to light once they’re in the bath so they can have a super relaxing bath and forget their after Christmas blues.

Lush Bath Bombs / Items from Lush.


I feel like I’m tooting my own horn by writing this, but it’s true. Any of the Lush bath bombs / bubble bars are perfect for that extra little something for your loved ones at Christmas! This year we have so many different scents, crazy shaped bath bombs and other alternative options available to you guys. If the person you’re buying for loves super pampering and relaxing baths, you can’t go wrong with a Lush bath bomb or bubble bar.

However! Fear not if they’re not a bath person. We have lots and lots of different shower products (including shower jellies which are probably the most fun product that we sell). We can go from shower gel, to body conditioners, to soaps, to shower scrubs and so much more. These come in all different shapes and sizes so they’re all super easy to slip into your loved ones stocking!



Having trouble thinking of what to put in a female loved ones stocking? Let’s go back to basics and look at makeup! I love getting just little things in my stocking like lipstick/ lip gloss, mascara, lip balm and the like. Just to make them feel a little bit more glamorous this Christmas, take a look at the cruelty free makeup NYX offer. I’m sure there will be something your loved one will absolutely adore! Plus, they’re so affordable and they look fierce as heck!

Funky Socks. 


All the clothes shops have pretty funky and colourful socks out at the moment, and what a great stocking filler they make! As a uni student I’m always losing my socks and wishing I had comfier / warmer ones when the cold days come rolling around. Getting funky and quirky socks for your loved one not only gives them something practical that they can wear on a day-to-day basis (well, you know what I mean) but it also gives you the chance to give your loved one really embarrassing or cool socks at Christmas. Personally, I go full-out for the embarrassing ones.

Fancy Pens. 


I say fancy pens, but I mean pens that look a little nicer than your average ball point pen that you can get for 75p in Tesco. I’m always looking for pens and I get so excited when someone gives me a fancy looking pen. It’s so practical and can be used every day. They can be for writing, drawing, creating or whatever your loved one would use them for. You can’t go wrong with getting decent pens as a stocking filler.

A New Wallet.


One thing I’ve noticed about my male loved ones is – THEY KEEP BREAKING THEIR BLOOMING WALLETS! So if you’re looking to pop something practical yet thoughtful into someone’s stocking this year, a wallet is always a good shout for men. You can even slip in a picture of your lovely, smiling face in the picture area just so they can be reminded who bought them that awesome stocking filler gift!



Headphones are always breaking, and you only know you need new ones when your current ones break! So grabbing a loved one some snazzy headphones to pop into their stocking is always something to consider. You can go all out and get huge ones, or you can stick to the generic simple yet effective ones. These days you can get all different shapes, sizes and coloured headphones so go crazy when picking the pair for your loved one!



If you read my November Favourites post (here) you will already know that I’m always searching for something warm, cozy and soft – and scarves are just the thing for that! I find that scarves are such an awesome stocking filler because they are so useful and people tend to use them a lot more after Christmas when the weather still is quite chilly. You can go as crazy as you like with choosing the right scarf! You can get a whacky looking one, a plain generic one, or you can even make one yourself if you’re that talented! So go crazy and keep your loved one warm this Christmas!

Gift Cards. 


And finally, a really lovely stocking filler is a gift card. If you know your loved one likes a certain shop, but have no idea where to start to find their perfect present, gift cards give you the freedom to give your loved one exactly what they want plus you can’t go wrong. You can choose how much you spend on them and in which shop which is also a really lovely idea. So if you’re really stuck for what to get, why not grab a gift card for their favourite shop and treat them this Christmas! If you’re really, really stuck though – an iTunes gift voucher can’t go wrong.

I really hope this post inspired you to grab some really quirky and practical stocking fillers this Christmas! If you’ve got any other suggestions let me know in the comments below! And until tomorrow, have an awfully big adventure!


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October 2016 Favourites!

October was a month full of opportunities and new experiences. I feel like this month has gone by incredibly quickly and to be in November so suddenly feels utterly bizarre. But of course, throughout the month there have been some pretty rad things to come about that made October that more special. These are my October 2016 favourites.

1) Cold Feet Series Finale

So I mentioned the return of this British born comedy-drama my September 2016 favourites post, but this time I’m sadly discussing the end of such an incredible and breathtaking series. The series focused on the gang’s current relationships and how getting older doesn’t mean being boring. Adam finally realised that really being in love again after losing Rachel 13 years ago was okay. Karen and David may not be together as a couple anymore, but they’re still a power couple that will always have each other’s backs. And finally Pete and Jenny went through Pete’s clinical depression and even suicidal thoughts. They kept this story line honest and vague, it was brutal but it was honest. And the characters relationships have never been stronger. It was such a bitter-sweet ending to the series, we saw my favourite character, Ramona, return with Karen and David’s son Josh whom she used to look after. That was probably one of the highlights for me, Ramona will always be the life and soul of the party and to see her still have a connection and a bond with Joshie made my heart melt. The fact that Josh came out as gay and she accepted him and agreed to help him keep it a secret for as long as he wanted just made my love for her character that much stronger. Having said that, the fact that both Karen and David accepted Josh for who he was reduced me to tears. They created such a simple concept and made it beyond powerful.
The series caught up with the gang, and I’m hoping that the next series will have delve into their lives even more as they grow older and start experiencing new things. I will always recommend watching Cold Feet if you’ve not yet watched it!

2) Shout Out To My Ex – Little Mix


Little Mix. My girls. My loves. My heroes. I adore everything Little Mix do and I’m such a fangirl for them, so it’s quite obvious that Shout Out To My Ex was going to be on the list no matter what. After receiving nasty and hateful comments for their outfits during their X Factor Live performance and then having to receive comments accusing them of plagiarising G.R.L’s song Ugly Heart, the girls didn’t let this phase them, and I’m so glad that it didn’t. This song is beautifully empowering. The song encourages girls to be free of their exes, if he made them feel awful, then he gan go and do one. I loved the fact Perrie finally seemed happy after all the Zayn drama that’s been happening non stop. You can feel every tiny piece of emotion she has/had through her voice, the lyrics and the music itself. My girl Perrie is finally free of that heart ache. Jesy, Jade, Leigh-Anne and Perrie encourage people to leave toxic relationships / cut away from toxic people by showing that they’ll be better off without them. The song isn’t just an easy listen and a catchy tune to sing along to in the shower. It’s full of Girl Power, love, respect and hope. It’s a step in the right direction for feminism as not only do they appear stronger than ever, they’re looking out for each other, their fans, and anyone who may be listening that needs that nudge to leave that negative and toxic person holding them down. Good on you Little Mix, good on you!

3) Sleepy Body Lotion

If you’re like me and suffer with insomnia, or if you just can’t get to sleep, then Sleepy is definitely for you! I know putting Lush items in my list seems a bit like a cop-out, but honestly, this stuff is a God sent. This all over body lotion contains fresh French lavender which not only acts as a natural antiseptic for any sore or aggressive areas on the skin, but also helps calm down your senses and relax you completely and utterly. The softening and conditioning fair trade and organic cocoa butter will moisturise even the driest of the dry skin. This feels absolutely amazing when you just want to wind down after a day with your mind going at 100 mph. To top it off it has the sweet scent of tonka absolute to give it that wonderful distinct smell. Lather it on your hands, arms, body and I promise you will have a lovely night sleep! Plus, it also smells like my favourite bath bomb Twilight, so what’s not to love about it?!

Retailed Price: £13.95 – 215g / £7.95 – 95g.

4) Machines – Camryn

Camryn’s music video for one of her most empowering songs she has ever written is nearly at 100k views on YouTube. But that’s not why this video is on my list of October Favourites. I absolutely adore this song and video. The cinematography is unique and presents a futuristic / mechanic style which is what Camryn is trying to avoid happening to humanity in the not so distant future. The time and effort that went into creating such a simple yet effective video must have been incredible! To come up with a video with an incredibly high standard should always be appreciated. The song itself should be listened to and the lyrics considered. Are we just doing everything like automated machines, or are we really living our lives doing what we love and what we enjoy? Take a look at the video and let me know what you think below!

5) Mr Sandman Dusting Powder


You know that sometimes sticky feeling you get after having a gorgeous bath? Don’t you wish something would come along and help mattify your skin a tiny bit? Well look no further! Mr Sandman is once again a product from Lush, and it does actually go with Sleepy body lotion. It contains that lovely balancing and soothing lavender oil along with chamomile powder to give you a very sleepy and relaxed vibe when using it. Seeing as it smells like Twilight – just as Sleepy does – it made for one of the most relaxing bathing experiences I have had. I sprinkled this magical dusting powder all over after having a bath with our beautiful Twilight bath bomb, popped some Sleepy on before slipping into bed and finished off with the wonderful Mr Sandman. And if this wasn’t dreamy enough for you, you can even dust it over your pillows, night-clothes, bedding and so on to surround yourself even further with those relaxing scents. This honestly has helped me get to sleep so much easier the past few weeks that I’ve been using it. I honestly couldn’t recommend this enough! Whether or not you’re a crazy insomniac like I am, or just enjoy those chilled out evenings, this would be the perfect product for you!

Retailed Price: £7.50 – 40g.

6) Black Mirror TV Series

I’ve seen adverts for Black Mirror everywhere, and it’s been on my ‘To Watch’ list pretty much since it came out. So finally, one of my best friends, Frank, and I decided that we were going to watch it. And it was honestly one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. If you don’t know what Black Mirror is, it’s pretty much an anthology series (which basically means each episode is completely different, following a different narrative, different characters, different genres etc, however there is a possible link between them all) that is utterly captivating. Not only does it delve into your deepest and darkest psychological horrors, it also captures a very scary yet very possible outcome for our not so distant future. To binge watch it on Netflix within 2-3 days shows just how incredible the Black Mirror really was. Of course there were some episodes that were better than others, and of course you’d find ones that won’t appeal to your interests. But overall the entire show is incredible. The futuristic style explores how far we can potentially take technology within the next few decades. It also looks at how damaging we’re being to our environment, thus putting robotic bees and such in natures places. If you’re looking for a spooky and psychological, yet sweet and futuristic TV show to watch, then Black Mirror is the one for you!

7) Fifth Harmony’s 727 Cardiff show


I think it was pretty obvious that this was going straight on my list for October! Fifth Harmony’s 727 show was probably the highlight of my month. I wrote about my experience at the show and about being on the guest list for that particular show in my review post (check it out here!)
In short, the show was breath-taking. The bands that performed were so incredibly talented. They spoke about feminism, respect, love and were overall incredibly powerful role models for their younger members of the audience. Seeing Camryn again after three years (and meeting her and the band) was one of the best moments of my life, and a time that I will treasure forever. They were all so lovely and had time for every single person. But during that night I discovered an even bigger love and respect for Fifth Harmony than I already had. They were stunning inside and out and I’m honestly obsessed with them since seeing them live – I even dreamt I saw them again the other night (don’t ask, I have no idea why).  To find out more about the girls individually and to see what an impact they have on their fans was such a lovely and uplifting experience. They had time for every single person. To see their friendship and bond on stage was a very emotional thing for me. They had so much love and so much respect and kindness towards one another – it was something that everyone should strive for in their friendships, but also towards the people they meet every day.

I am so excited to see them again and I’m so incredibly proud to call myself an official Harmonizer.  If you ever get the chance to see them, even if you don’t listen to the girls, definitely go to their concert. You will not be disappointed by their talent or their stage presence. Who needs a stage full of gimmicks and backing dancers when all you need is a backing band and yourselves?! Fifth Harmony sure don’t.

8) Dreaming of Neverland – Garin Fitter

One of my best friends, Garin, actually wrote a song for me recently. And I’d be lying if I told you it didn’t make me cry. I sobbed from the second it started playing to the second it ended. I have never been so in love with a song in my entire life. Peter Pan is one of my absolute favourite things in the entire world and my life is pretty much inspired by keeping my inner Lost Girl alive. So when I had an opportunity in university to create a short film/ video I obviously wanted to create something magical and representing Neverland. Garin spent so long making this for me, and it is utterly perfect. I’ll be sure to leave his information and the song’s information down below so you can have a cheeky listen and maybe even give his Facebook page a like and maybe even a cheeky Tweet to his Twitter account.
The song is perfect. I’ve listened to it practically every single day since he released it and I love it beyond anything.

9) The Walking Dead Season Premiere

This next one is a very, VERY, touchy subject for me. Even thought it was probably one of the most heartbreaking episodes I have ever seen in the show, it was also one of the most pleasing ones to have aired. As far as season premieres go, The Walking Dead stole the show! Not only did one character get brutally killed by having their head caved in by a bat named Lucille, another character that has been in the show since day one for 7 years was also killed off… UNEXPECTEDLY! So,  just in case you haven’t seen it yet – I won’t spoil anything. I’ve already written a review/ reaction to it if you did want to know exactly how I felt about it. I had to put this on my list because not only did it hurt my soul, it was utterly breathtaking. It had me sat at the edge of my seat clutching my teddy, Fudgie for dear life wishing it was all a dream. The Walking Dead has checked a lot of boxes for me over the years, but this episode utterly blew them all away. It set a brand new standard, and gave me ever higher expectations. What will come next? I think I’ve figured it out, but who knows. Maybe I am completely and utterly wrong.

Watch it at 9pm (UK time) on Mondays!

10) Brittyyween

Brittyy44 is one of my favourite YouTubers and this year she did something so amazing in October. She created Brittyween, so every day (well the days she usually uploads) she would post a new Halloween themed video. Brit’s channel is all to do with creepy, supernatural  events and urban legends, so some would argue that every day is Halloween on her channel. But Brittyyween was so fun to watch. Each video was different and, Brit even had a different costume every time. She put so much effort into every single thing she did this year it was incredible. She also build countless sets in her basement just for Brittyyween. Her effort and passion for what she does fills me with so much joy and happiness. Not only does she make content that is very much appealing to me, she is also one of the nicest people you will ever come across. If you haven’t already seen Brittyy44 on YouTube, then definitely check out her channel. If you love those spooky and scary stories, then you will adore Brit.

Well, those have been my October Favourites for this year! If we’ve had any similar favourites or if you’ve tried/ seen anything that I’ve written about, let me know in the comments below! Until next time, have an awfully big adventure!